Stoney after surgery

The vet said that Stoney’s jaw was badly fractured with another fracture near the joint and also the teeth are damaged. The worry is that infection may set in…

The Medical Bill at Mount Pleasant now stands at $740,-.

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  1. Has they inserted a feeding tube? Keep positive, this is the hardest time for him, he needs your positive energy. Lucy was so depress with her face swollen and bloody during the first few days after her surgery. It’s a long road to recovery. Will keep you both in prayers because it’s not going to be easy for you too.

  2. Several failed attempts to lure him into the trap…he is too smart.Actually had tried again just about one/two weeks ago… tried to quickly grab him by the scuff while he ate but his neck is so muscular that I could not get a grip.Was told he receives nurishment through that blue thing on his back

  3. Vet called to inform that Stoney has low blood and fever.

  4. My offer still open if needed.

  5. Thanks, Nat… he looks stronger now.

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