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Four cats on antibiotics

Mango looked quite ill and resists syringe feeding. Today he is a bit more lively and no vomiting. Now Sky is not eating.

Snoopy was attacked by one of the naughty boys. I think it was Darly… saw him chasing her even though he is still wearing the E-collar. She has a wound at the tail… tail not moving.

Darly will be going for check-up on Monday and hopefully removal of stitches.

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Sky guarding the supplies

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February 26, 2011 · 10:53 am

Little Sky

Always call her Little Sky because her sister Dawn is so much bigger… but actually she is about the same size a Tommy. Sky does have a sensitive stomach… will often vomit right after eating.

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Home cats

Ike and Oki are out for a short while after their bath. Most of the black stuff is gone and some of the fur too… mainly from the paws.

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Sky snoozing in the kitchen

Sky guarding the tuna?

Cats everywhere… a total of 16 at the moment, still I feel something big and round and black-and-white is misssing… but happy for Billy Boy 🙂

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Home Cats


Ash is better but still syringing him water with cranberry extract. The extract is not very sour tasting (unlike vinegar or vitamin c) and can even be mixed into the food.

Dawn & Sky

Home cats reclaiming the balcony after Pema & Silverine went to the cattery.


Nush… getting more furry

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Sky & Dawn

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Photos of the rest of the family

Sky, Dawn, Nushi & Mirko

Photo 1: Sky is less shy now and has a better appetite

Photo 2: And here is our heavyweight champion! Look at that belly

Photo 3: Grandma Nushi and newly adopted Grandpa Mirko

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