Update on Stoney

Stoney was discharged on Sunday. The vet said that the skin at the Jaw may or may not be viable…it could drop of. There is a lot of black stuff… dare not remove it… just dab with chlorhexidine solution and apply the Betadine ointment. There is mucus dripping from mouth and nose, which needs to be wiped frequently so it won’t obstruct his breathing.

Stoney is still being fed through the tube… supposed to be 8 times a day (every 2 hours), a total of 2 cans of Hills AD a day,which I don’t seem to manage. He has been getting only 6x (1 1/2 cans).

Hope that he is not in too much pain… he has a morphine patch. Seems the right side of his face was hit… as the right eye and ear are also effected.


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  1. The black patch is called eschar (dead flesh). It is best to avoid chlorhexidine as it again “overkills” the good bacteria on the skin and soon you may end up with a greenish infection from Pseudomonas. Just use normal saline or plain water to dab. You can put a gel (available over counter at pharmacy) such as Intrasite Gel or Duoderm Gel. The gel will help to remove the dead flesh.The patch is Fentanyl Patch (http://www.cfa.org/articles/health/fentanyl-patches.html). Can cause constipation.

  2. Lucy drools a lot too, along with some blood traces and mucus the first few weeks. I think it’s part of healing and adjusting to the wounds.We didnt managed to feed as much too, just do your best. It can be discouraging sometime, just stop, take 5 and try again. I know it can be very frustrating with the feeding tube but his life is depending on it now. Not much choice.You both will come around, we all are behind you, dont feel despair.

  3. Using just gauze and water now to clean the wound but still dare not to rub off all the dead skin the way the technician did it..Will get the Gel and discontinue the Betadine ointment. Just read that Betadine is harmful when ingested and it also can affect thyroid and kidneys.Thanks for all the support 🙂

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