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Update on Lora

old photo

The very kind lady who gave Lora a home called to let me know that all is well and she is getting used to her new home. She also brought Lora to the vet for check up and blood tests.

But sick or healthy… Lora will now have a loving home and be cared for until her last day!

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Kiki to be tipped

The feeder told me that Kiki had been missing for 2 nights. I was worried and called TC while Sylvia called AVA. Searched for her again today after releasing Robin. Luckily Sylvia mentioned that she sometimes goes to the nearby school… and that’s where I found her!

Took her in even though I had not made a vet appointment. Will just try my luck tomorrow… and hopefully the vet will be able to feel the scar and she can just have her ear tipped!

I am sure that Kiki is already sterilized, not only because the owner said so but also because she has been around for over a year now, also Mei who is suspected to be from the same family was found to be already spayed.

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Rocky UTI?

Yesterday saw a blood stain on the sofa cushion after I caught Rocky squatting there. Today he squatted in the litter tray but there was no pee! He also has loose stool and noticed a bit of blood. Appetite is less but still eating…

Caged him for observation… giving antibiotics and syringing water and cranberry. Later he managed to pee quite a normal amount and there was no blood.

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Robin tipped and tattoed

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He went round my legs when I came back to clear the plate… like so eager to go… but then cried loudly all the way home on the back of my bicycle. Now quiet in the bathroom… so hopefully I can get some sleep. Will ask the vet tomorrow about Kiki… hope she can be tipped without going through unnecessary operation.

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Found the real Thor

Thor had moved 2 blocks away…

No wonder the other cat did not look lost and frightened as would be expected of a cat that had just been dumped in strange surroundings…

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Cats at home

Stitches has not had gum infections for some time… he looks well and happy and is also quite playful… but naughty – see those marks at his nose and Damy has a big wound at his tail… wonder who did that!

Damy grooming Ike! Strange… all the orange-white cats get along well with each other.

Nush has gum infection again and is not eating… giving prednisolone and syringe-feeding her.

The wound at Damy’s tail is already drying up… but getting some powder on it is not easy… he cannot keep still for a second.

Worse with Lora… have to wait for her to stretch out her leg and then quickly sprinkle some powder all over hoping some of it will get into the wound, but she takes the antibiotics mixed in her food… no problem!

Muddy won’t… he smells a rat when there is something in his food… but he doesn’t mind taking the meds by syringe.

Dawn is now sneezing but her appetite is back.

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Is this Thor???

Didn’t see Thor today…. then as I passed Blk *70 I saw this cat sitting on a burner. He came and ate some kibbles… hissed a bit when I stroked him just like Thor. He was together with this male cat.

*70 is an area with no caregivers…

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More photos of Lora

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Old Lora

I had forgotten that Lora is quite unfriendly when confined….

Be good old girl, don’t spoil your one and only chance of a good home!

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Another new kitten

Another new kitten at *27… a male

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Little Sky

Always call her Little Sky because her sister Dawn is so much bigger… but actually she is about the same size a Tommy. Sky does have a sensitive stomach… will often vomit right after eating.

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Dawn in the basket

Tossed my face towel into the laundry basket without checking…tsk tsk!

House-rule No 1:

Whatever you do, remove the cat first!

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Oki’s Private Property

Oki’s House

I had asked Dr. Kong regarding sterilization of Oki. He advised to wait until he is fully grown before attempting…

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The Cat in the Paper Bag

“Do you want a cat?”

A group of Chinese ladies and a girl where at my door. They wanted to give me a cat. The owner of the cat stays at a nearby block and the others are her neighbours. One of them must have come up with the bright idea of giveing the cat to me!

Reason – the owner is going to Indonesia for one month. I suggested boarding the cat at a shelter for that month. They seemed to like the idea… and I hope it works out!

I had the impression that they were honest… there is always the fear that the cat will end up being dumped at the shelter! They said (mostly interpreted through the girl) that the female was sterilized 5 years ago.

I also took a picture of the owner (access to friends only) … just in case the cat gets abandoned downstairs.

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Dawn not well

Dawn had vomited a few times after eating and also had been eating less. Yesterday she refused food and vomited clear liquid after drinking water.

Slept with her next to me… actually hardly got any sleep. She was not her usual self but then towards morning she seemed back to normal… purring and going under the blanket.

She ate some soft food this morning and so far kept it in. Poor Dawn has to stay in the small rabbit cage as the big ones are taken by Storm and Muddy. I need to observe that she can pee and poo…in case there is a blockage!

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2 new cats sighted

This one is in Area 2… young, scared and hungry! Another new white tipped-ear appeared in Area 1.

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Fighter passed away


Rest in Peace

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Former home of Kiki at Blk *11

Now she doesn’t go up anymore! According to Sylvia Kiki was very frightened yesterday. Were the cleaners trying to catch her again?

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More complaints at Area 2



The complaint about is about one of the black cats going up to the 2nd floor of Blk *02… will check tomorrow night! Cinderella’s owners staying at the same block also still let their 3 cats defecate on the corridor. TheTC officer told me that he had already informed HDB.

Asked the TC officer how the visit to the Blk *11 family went…

He said the man was quite nasty and denied that they had any cats. I was shocked when the TC officer told me that they had been trying to catch the un-tipped cat but were unable to get her. I had told him that this cat “Kiki” had been sterilized by her owner but was not tipped… and I do believe it’s true as she never got pregnant all these months! The feeder Ah Gek said that someone told her that Mei is also form that family. Which I had already suspected since she was found to have been sterilized already.

Sylvia tells me that Kiki now does not go up anymore but Mei does. Kiki is also easy to catch but may is not. We think that they had been trying to catch Mei who is tipped!!!

I think both Mei and Kiki are in grave danger… but I do not know how I can save them!!! Obviously the owners who abandoned them don’t give a damn!

Also the orange-white male kitten needs to be done quickly… even though TC officer assured me that I could take my time with this one.

He also asked me how many cats are at Blk *10 now. He said 3 is okay but if it’s like 6 or so… then we have to do something. A cat-phobic lady is staying at that block who claims that she is unable to take the lift if there is any cat nearby.

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Anyone wants to adopt Big Muddy?

Maddy likes that big fellow

… who acts aloof

Muddy has mellowed a lot… he is not even hissing as the other cats come close to his cage. Tried to put on the harness… but it won’t fit around his muscular chest. This huge cat would need a dog’s harness!

Wonder who caused the puncture wounds at his neck? Which cat would dare to attack Muddy… I guess even a dog would think twice!

Muddy is really very special, not only because of his size but also the colouring and blue eyes. I think he is a Siamese-X like Maddy.

How I wish they would find a loving and safe home! Maddy now likes to run across the car-park entrance… so many speeding cars!

They are being fed by ground-floor residents at Area 2… but that’s all they do! I remember when Muddy was so sick last year. He had been missing for 8 days before I found him… a cat less tough would not have survived!

Will have to keep him in for at least 2 weeks until the wounds heal and to complete the course of antibiotics.

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Muddy’s wound looks worse

He has two deep puncture wounds. I am sure Big Muddy is more than double the weight of a normal cat so he will need double dose of Curam.

No sight of the new female at *27…

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Home-Cats relaxing

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New kitten at Area 1

A female kitten, about 4 months old, seen at Blk *30. Hope she won’t get attacked by King.

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Young female at Area I

A young female seen at *27. The wound at the side of the body is healing. Her tail has a large hook at the end. M named her Scarback because of her wound.

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Wound at the neck

Applied powder and gave him Liver-Chicken Feast treat

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Glad to see Coco

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Crow Shooters

Heard two shots…

They shot the crows nest in a tall tree next to the playground. Reason given: “Crows are very protective of their young and will attack children!”

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Boy Boy killed by stray dogs

Rest in Peace Boy-Boy!

Received e-mail from CWS that a black cat was killed by a pack of stray dogs in the early morning hours of August 9th, at St. 81. Called Sylvia and mentioned that I hope it’s not “Lightning Boy”, as she calls him. Sylvia reminded me that St 81 is a large area. I couldn’t stand the uncertainty and called the lady who had contacted CWS. She had witnessed the incident at Blk *76 and had sent Boy-Boy to Mt. Pleasant Hospital…. but he could not be saved. She had been feeding him for 3 years. The location, the slight limp and the zigzag tail leave no doubt that it is Lightning Boy.

Lightning Boy was caught by Pest Control and sent to AVA in Oct 05. He was released with microchip. In Sept. 06 he had shoulder repair done… thus the slight limp.

We miss you so much, Lightning Boy!

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Sick Novena Cat

I feel more relieved now that I have seen him… and he doesn’t look that bad. He is very shy… no hope of trapping! He took some bites of Liver-Chicken Feast today and then I offered him some tuna and he also took a little…

Paddy loves his grass!

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One cat has returned

One of the two cats has returned.

I asked about his condition:

“He was dirty and stinky, worn out and now he is a very scared cat. Will hiss at anyone.”

He must have been through hell! It kills me to think what Nora, Roxy and the other missing cats went through…

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Aljunied Cats

Was hoping to see my friend again when reaching the bus stop. There she was, a well-fed community cat! A container of fresh water nearby. Gave her some kibbles and suddenly 3 more tipped-ears appeared.

Tg Ruh… cat-sitting one hour, journey 3 hrs!

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Seeking help from MP

One of the families who lost their cats, went to see their MP yesterday.

Sms: “She refused to help at all and told us to go to HDB to ask to remove the ban. As long as there are complaints, cats must be removed, no matter house or community. She also did not want to reveal the pest control company.”

Was told by the cat owner that the MP made a call to Faith from TC and was told that one black-and-white cat had been caught and released…

According to the cat owner, they were not given any warning or told that their cat caused complaints.

The owner is now on her way to Ubi, to paste up posters of her missing cat… acting on a tip-off.

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Another complaint

Photo taken by Town Council

The complaint was about an unsterilized cat outside a certain unit at Blk *86. This is an area without any caregiver. It’s a very tame female.

The owner said that they would take her in. They said that they had the cat for 8 years… when it followed them home one day. They did not sterilize the cat but it never got pregnant.

I advised them to bring her to the vet, maybe there is a way to check without opening her up… ultrasound, x-ray??? Then have her tipped just to be safe… in case she happens to run out.

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Novena Ginger male

I think I have not seen this cat before. He was trapped for sterilization by Damy. He has been unable to eat for several days. The caregiver, the lady who adopted Tuna, said sometimes he will try to eat a little then gags. Sounds to me like it could be a fish bone stuck in his throat.

She tried to get Damy to trap him but he was busy today… then she tried to catch him but he ran away. They will try again tomorrow night…

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A flier on my doorstep

Found this flier on my doorstep this morning

It’s probably an initiative from one of the families who lost their cats recently. It advises people to be vigilant and to keep their cats indoors.

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Koon King

KK was grumpy this morning… probably still painful after the operation (eye removal). Hope he gets well soon!

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Area 2 Community Cat Blk *15

Better to have photos of all the cats… in case they go missing

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Cats missing from Block *28

Missing since last Friday afternoon

Missing since Friday June 25 noon

The second cat is a tabby/white. He has a special V-shaped tail and is shy and timid.

Both cats belong to residents of Blk *28. They are sterilized males but the b/w cat’s ear is not tipped.

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Stevie has FIV

Thankfully Stevie has now a home and Aminah and her mom to take care of him. He is already an elderly cat at 10 years of age. May Stevie have some more good years ahead as a beloved home cat!

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Now it’s newspaper only…. only problem is that have never enough old newspaper and the karang guni man who comes up is hard to catch…. in no way will I support those who blare their horn downstairs.

Otherwise it’s perfect…no saw dust to clean up no pellets to sweep up. Why buy recycled pellets when you can recycle the newspaper yourself…

A few sheets are used below the sieve to soak up the pee and finely shredded newspaper goes on top to cover the poo.

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