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Feline Acupuncture

Feline diseases that can be treated with acupuncture:

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Garfie-girl is gone…

…hit by a car…same fate as her mother Gaby less than 2 month ago! Garfie never missed a feeding, so I kept looking for her and finally found her body in the middle of a parking space.


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Orange Boy received much kindness…

I have just totaled up all of Orange Boy’s medical bills.

4 consultations, 1 x-ray, 1 catheterization, various medications, 12 bladder expressions and 4 acupuncture sessions came up to a total of $924,-

The whole amount has been covered by sponsorship! My very kind neighbour M. has paid for almost half of the expenses, then there was J.M. who kindly sponsored twice, the $168.- surplus from Boy Boy’s account were transfered into OB’s account, and sponsorship was also received from CWS and W.K. The total amount of sponsorship was $1.074,-. The $150,-surplus will be used for follow up treatment, if needed.

A big Thank You to all who helped Orange Boy and especially to Dr. Oh whose acupuncture sessions worked such a miracle!


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Ashley, Onyx, Boy Boy and Orange Boy

Ashley looks a little better now. He was still very feverish and lethargic last night and during the day. Sylvia, Anna and the Aunty helped me with feeding the cats today, as I was worried leaving Ashley alone…so I just needed to feed the cats at the area 1 and some at area 2. I was very happy when I saw Onyx back at his usual place.

Boy Boy’s hair has started to grow back. There were some pees and poos in the litter box on the balcony and no poo on the floor today 🙂 Felt Orange Boy’s bladder, just to make sure… it was quite small 🙂


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Onyx lost for 3 days…

Hope he is well and will return soon…


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Orange Boy went for his final acupuncture session

Dr. Oh will be away for a month. He advised me to put a heat pack on his lower back twice a day for 20mins and I will also continue using the electro-magnetic devise. Orange Boy was also checked by the vet today as his tummy was quite bloated…. The vet couldn’t find the cause of it and dewormed him…just in case.

He was not very cooperative during the acupuncture session today…growled a lot.

Well, he is peeing on his own now and it is clearly the result of the acupuncture treatment. His hind legs are also no longer weak and he can now jump onto chairs and tables. Dr. Oh is also confident that he will regain the control of his bowels in time.

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Mirko doing well on Joint Suport Formula

Mirko has been taking the supplement for almost a month now and I haven’t seen him limping lately…he is running around and playful like a kitten 🙂

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