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Feline Acupuncture

Feline diseases that can be treated with acupuncture:

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Garfie-girl is gone…

…hit by a car…same fate as her mother Gaby less than 2 month ago! Garfie never missed a feeding, so I kept looking for her and finally found her body in the middle of a parking space.


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Orange Boy received much kindness…

I have just totaled up all of Orange Boy’s medical bills.

4 consultations, 1 x-ray, 1 catheterization, various medications, 12 bladder expressions and 4 acupuncture sessions came up to a total of $924,-

The whole amount has been covered by sponsorship! My very kind neighbour M. has paid for almost half of the expenses, then there was J.M. who kindly sponsored twice, the $168.- surplus from Boy Boy’s account were transfered into OB’s account, and sponsorship was also received from CWS and W.K. The total amount of sponsorship was $1.074,-. The $150,-surplus will be used for follow up treatment, if needed.

A big Thank You to all who helped Orange Boy and especially to Dr. Oh whose acupuncture sessions worked such a miracle!


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Ashley, Onyx, Boy Boy and Orange Boy

Ashley looks a little better now. He was still very feverish and lethargic last night and during the day. Sylvia, Anna and the Aunty helped me with feeding the cats today, as I was worried leaving Ashley alone…so I just needed to feed the cats at the area 1 and some at area 2. I was very happy when I saw Onyx back at his usual place.

Boy Boy’s hair has started to grow back. There were some pees and poos in the litter box on the balcony and no poo on the floor today 🙂 Felt Orange Boy’s bladder, just to make sure… it was quite small 🙂


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Onyx lost for 3 days…

Hope he is well and will return soon…


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Orange Boy went for his final acupuncture session

Dr. Oh will be away for a month. He advised me to put a heat pack on his lower back twice a day for 20mins and I will also continue using the electro-magnetic devise. Orange Boy was also checked by the vet today as his tummy was quite bloated…. The vet couldn’t find the cause of it and dewormed him…just in case.

He was not very cooperative during the acupuncture session today…growled a lot.

Well, he is peeing on his own now and it is clearly the result of the acupuncture treatment. His hind legs are also no longer weak and he can now jump onto chairs and tables. Dr. Oh is also confident that he will regain the control of his bowels in time.

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Mirko doing well on Joint Suport Formula

Mirko has been taking the supplement for almost a month now and I haven’t seen him limping lately…he is running around and playful like a kitten 🙂

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Ashley is not well…

…since yesterday night. Noticed that he was not his usual active self. Brought him along to the Animal Hospital this morning and they did full blood count and urine analysis…couldn’t find anything and gave him a 10day course of antibiotics and something to bring the fever down. He is very weak but ate a little food and some treats.

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Orange Boy’s third acupuncture session


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Boy Boy slipped…

and fell..hope he did not hurt his shoulder joint.

Boy Boy liked to sleep in this little basket all day. I have removed the basket and also the table and chairs to prevent him from climbing up again.

He has also developed some bald patches on his head and under his chin…maybe fungus or allergy. I am applying neem oil…


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Nora and Nicky sterilized

Again failed to net Pearl and Judy…

I ended up taking the nameless kitten from *25 area 1 although she is probably not yet 6 months old. Now she is tipped and named “Nora?.

Finally, I was also able to catch the last male left in area 1 … not counting the 3 young boys that have been recently abandoned.

I will release Jampok, Nora and Nicky tonight.

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A Great Loss…

I read with shock and disbelieve today that Mary Mathew (Ex-SOS director) had died.

Mary Mathew was a truly beautiful woman with a heart full of compassion and endless patience…she always had a ready smile… an inspiration to many.

She chose a most difficult path, helping those in distress and contemplating suicide… a life devoted to helping those that have given up all hope…

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Jampok sterilized

Jampok is Ga-Ga’s sister, both were named by Haz. Like the sister, she also refuses food…so scared. Jampok is a torty while Ga-Ga is a brown tabby. Sorry no photos, the camera is in Australia with my daughter.

Mohan came on Sunday night to net Pearl at *18 area 2. She was very suspicious of Mohan and his net, didn’t allow him to come close. We gave up after a while and Mohan tried to net Judy from *25 area 1 instead…also failed… she kept her distance and was not interested in food at all, and the last elusive male at area 1 did not show up…so at midnight I cycled to *30 area 3 to get Jampok instead. Luckily Haz managed to hold her and put her in the carrier. Meeting Mohan again tonight…hope we have more luck this time.

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Orange Boy responding to acupuncture treatment!

The miracle has happened!

On Sunday we saw his previously limp tail moving from side to side and on Monday he held his tail proudly up in the air and he also had his first unassisted pee in 3 weeks!!!

I will be going for the 2nd session tomorrow, kindly sponsored by M.

A big ‘Thank you’ for all who offered their help (sponsorship, reiki treatment, prayers) to Orange Boy… and to R who comes over every day to hold him while I squeeze his bladder… I am getting quite good at it now 😉 and without vegancatsg’s suggestion of acupuncture treatment and telling me about Dr. Oh in the first place, all this would not have been possible.

Did not do the bladder expression last night but brought him again to the clinic this morning. According to the technician there was not much urine this time.

Happiness is… seeing a puddle of pee 🙂

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Acupuncture for Orange Boy

Wish I had a photo of OB with 15 needles stuck all over his body…

I went early and no one else was in the waiting room, so I took OB out of his cage and placed him on newspaper on the floor and actually managed to squeeze his bladder successfully…though not until empty. I let the technician do the rest after the acupuncture session.

Dr. Oh first asked some questions and had a look at the x-ray. He explained that the injury was like a fall from the height of 3rd floor… and that it must have been a really hard kick at the back area.

First 3 needles were inserted at the back of his head ‘to calm him down’, then 4 needles along the spine and 5 more on his lower back (2 on his left side and 3 on the right), one needle each on top and below the anus (to tighten it) and the last one at the tip of the tail.

Electrodes were connected to 4 of the needles at the side of the lower back (2 on each side) and a sort of lamp emitted heat (all over his back)

Orange Boy took it all quite well. Dr. Oh suggested that I come back twice a week for 2 or 3 more sessions, as he will be going away for a month on Oct. 28th. When I asked how many sessions of acupuncture would be needed, he replied that 2 or 3 sessions might be enough to show results.

However at $84 a session, I am unlikely to go back … will try to look for more affordable treatment….


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Conversation in the mind…

From Vegancat’s Blog: Gingee-boy remains missing

Conversation in the mind

Poor Gingee-boy, where is he? Is he dead? Is he in pain.

Wait…… hold it

Continuing this line of thought is depressing

Depression makes the body sick as well.

No amount of internal weeping is going to bring Gingee-boy back

Let it go

Worrying drains the mind and the body

Be in the present

Hold onto the hope

Realise reality

Nothing is permanent except changes

One must keep well

In order to help more.

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Boy Boy, Orange Boy and Ga-Ga – a busy day…

Anna helped me this morning to bring Boy Boy, Orange Boy and Ga-Ga to the vets. First we dropped off Ga-Ga, a female from *30 area 3, at AMK for sterilization then we went to Pet Clinic to have Boy Boy’s stitches removed and also to give Orange Boy his morning ‘squeeze’.

Boy Boy is recovering well and according to the vet, he can be released back in 2 weeks time, which is much earlier than expected.

Two more trips to the vets in the evening, by bicycle this time… first to collect Ga-Ga and then to bring OB for his second squeeze… after I made a halfhearted attempt and got some bite marks from an angry OB. His urine is clear today, no more blood. Will bring him for acupuncture treatment tomorrow…

I have also put up the posters offering reward…. all over the coffee shop, one on each pillar.

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Lizzy is Back!

A very hungry Lizzy came back yesterday after being lost for 5 days. Now there is a little hope that Felix, too, may return… maybe something frightened them…

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Sandra is missing…

Sandra is also from *48 area 3 coffee shop…

I will carry on no matter how discouraged I feel! At least they were loved by someone and had food and water… and fewer kittens were born to suffer…

I have given 2 vouchers to a caregiver in Woodlands as I can’t cope with too many sterilizations this months. She will use them for 2 females in her area. I will also get 4 females sterilized this month. Mohan will help me to net Pearl on Sunday and the Aunty said that her friend would bring Pearl’s kittens for sterilization, which means I can finally take the blk *30 area 3 kittens and maybe also the mother…

I will be putting up posters tomorrow offering a $200.-reward for information leading to the arrest of the abuser. Not much hope but I will try anyway…

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Update on Orange Boy

The catheter was removed this morning. He still has the bladder infection and was given cranberry extract to acidify his urine.

Orange Boy seems happy to move around on the balcony again and finally being able to groom and scratch himself with that E-collar removed. He will have to take turns with Boy Boy, who still growls at him occasionally.

OB is still unable to pass urine, so R (who is a nurse) came over in the evening to try expressing his bladder. We both tried and failed and had to bring him back to the clinic, where the assistant patiently tried to teach the technique one more time. We will just have to learn it…

The Cat Model showing the meridians and acupuncture points is expected to arrive on the 17th and then we can try to get acupuncture treatment for him.


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Two more cats lost…

I don’t know what is happening… abuse???

Lizzy and Felix are from the same area Blk *04/*05 area 2 and were both sterilized in June. They never missed a feeding before! Both are very tame and friendly and disappeared on the same day. Town Council say they didn’t remove them…they also didn’t show up at AVA.

I also fear for One-Eye Ginger and Beany who are in the same area…

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Orange Boy was ABUSED!!!

The Lady working at the coffee shop told me yesterday that a customer of the 24hr coffee shop at Block *48 saw him being kicked by a young man whose girlfriend was afraid of cats. What a vicious kick it must have been to cause such severe injury! It happened on the weekend of Sept. 16/17 and there must have been many witnesses as the place is always crowded…did no one care???

I have informed the police…

Orange Boy has been catheterized today, as there was some blockage. He has been put on Bethanecol, a drug to stimulate bladder contraction. Will also try the electromagnetic device that my friend E gave to me today. We are not giving up yet…


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Update on Orange Boy

Thanks to a kind neighbour (M) Orange Boy went to see Dr. Tan, the Senior Surgeon at Mount Pleasant Animal Hospital yesterday. M called me to offer sponsorship for Boy Boy after reading my blog. I thanked her but declined as I had already received sufficient sponsorship to settle Boy Boy’s medical expenses.

M then decided to help Orange Boy instead. She arranged for an appointment to see Dr. Tan in whom she has much confidence. M insisted in paying the consultation fee, although she had already sponsored $200, -, saying that we should keep that for future medical expenses. M. came along for the appointment and her daughter kindly provided the transport to the Hospital. On the way we picked up the x-ray and medical report from Mount Pleasant Springside, where I had brought Orange Boy twice for consultations. The x-ray showed that his bladder was still orange sized after expression.

Dr. Tan said that there was hope for recovery, but it may take 3 to 4 months.

He prescribed antibiotics and Neurobion (B vitamins).

Now there is only one big problem – expressing the bladder! I still can’t do it well. Orange boy gets very uncomfortable and growls…it must be painful…and only able to express small amounts of urine each time. It seems so easy when the vets do it…


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