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Update on Jasper aka Orange

Hello Helga,

It’s been a week since Jasper arrive to my house. By the way, just let you know my husband and I name him Orange instead. Hope you don’t mind.

Don’t worry he only had some loose stool during the 1 day he came. subsequently, his stool are back to normal. Just given him a bath today. He’s so sweet, hardly meow and let me slowly apply soap for him. He’s sleeping beside me in a box I made for him at this moment im typing this email to you. Will be bringing him for sterilization next friday.

I will be mailing you his pictures once im able to download the pics into the pc… Looking forward to sharing his pic with you. How’s your finger by the way? hope its healing well…


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Sophia was boarded with Phyllis today. Such a nice place! Phyllis and her two helpers really take good care of all the cats! Hope Sophia will be happy there…

My friend E is sponsoring the boarding fees.

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Silver has been released

Have just released Silver at Blk *24 area 1. She was playing with Genie, so hopefully she will stay there with her, instead of going back to *25 and sleeping under cars…

Rocky is making trouble again…he was okay with Genie alone but I guess two girls invading his territory is too much. First Silver was hiding behind the pipes then a while later Rocky was chasing Genie into the drain…

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Buddhist Animal Rights Group

…basically run by 2 people and 4 non-human animals 🙂

For as long as space endures
And for as long as living beings remain
Until then may I too abide
To dispel the misery of the world.


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Chocolate is eating

Took Chocolate back this morning after he had a second injection of antibiotics. He peed at the vet once and then again in the carrier, but still refused to eat. His fur looks very dull and he is also shedding a lot. Back at the shop he reluctantly sniffed at the Fancy Feast flaked fish but then slowly started eating and finished it all up and also took his medication (to improve appetite) without much struggle J

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Photos of Golden Lion

Golden Lion is a new abandonee. Will sterilize him next month and then get him ready for adoption. He is a very friendly cat. At first Golden Lion was quite shy and would hide under the cars…but I guess he has adapted to being homeless now and made friends with Louis and Jade.


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The motorbike man

He started complaining about a year ago about the cats scratching his motorbike, one of those huge machines with a seat that looks like a cat-sized sofa. He seldom uses it, as he also has a car. When I lifted the cover yesterday, I saw little Louis curled up on the ‘sofa’.

I had earlier given him some cat repellent and the problem seemed solved when One-Eye Ginger moved to the next block…unfortunately he has moved back since and more cats have come in (Jade, Louis, Golden Lion and the now adopted Jasper). I have left a bag with mothballs on the seat…hope that works.

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