The motorbike man

He started complaining about a year ago about the cats scratching his motorbike, one of those huge machines with a seat that looks like a cat-sized sofa. He seldom uses it, as he also has a car. When I lifted the cover yesterday, I saw little Louis curled up on the ‘sofa’.

I had earlier given him some cat repellent and the problem seemed solved when One-Eye Ginger moved to the next block…unfortunately he has moved back since and more cats have come in (Jade, Louis, Golden Lion and the now adopted Jasper). I have left a bag with mothballs on the seat…hope that works.

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One response to “The motorbike man

  1. Fei-Mui is also fond of sleeping on one of the many motorbikes parked at one end of the carpark. I spoke to one of the owners and he was happy to let Fei-Mui be. Keeping finger-crossed that she keeps her claws in and the rest of the bikers are just as tolerant.

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