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The Golden Compass

Meet my Daemon 🙂

He is called Diodium and is a wildcat..

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Having a boarder

This two-month old kitten is just too young to be left alone all day while the family is away… so I made an exception and took him in. Sometimes people mistakenly think that pet-sitting means boarding. He is very cute….will be staying until Monday. The daughter found this kitten not long ago and took him home. They have already bought all the things he needs and also had him vaccinated. Hope they will consider my advise on wire-meshing.

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Betty was sterilised today

Betty, a recent abandonee from blk *23 area 1, is the last one for this month. This pretty calico was very shy at first so I waited a few weeks. Yesterday she was lifted into the carrier without problem.

Donna has been released and has us worried as she keeps hiding in the deep drain. She did come out and ate her food last night…but this morning and afternoon again no sight of her… and there was heavy rain.

Greyee’s wound is quite dry so I hope it will heal in time without him having to go to hospital again. He will be going to Phyllis’ cattery tomorrow…

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Good Morning Greyee Boy

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High on catnip

Daiso’s catnip is the most powerfully stuff! The whole gang is rolling about except for Donna. I have a feeling Maxijane does not approve of me drugging Greyee Boy 😉

A natural herbal painkiller 🙂

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Greyee went to emergency yesterday night

Greey looked quite dull, had no appetite and felt warm. so we decided to bing him to the hospital last night.

His temperature was actually not very high. The vet suspects that he is in pain (from the wound). He was given injections and prescribed oral painkillers. He looks brighter today but still not much appetite.

The bandage slipped slipped off during the night. As the wound looks quite dry I left it open and just applied some antibiotic powder. Transferred him to the big cage, lined with a pad.

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A slightly blur Greyee-Boy

Greyee Boy enjoying the view….thinking of his home place? I offer him the dry food in paper bowls the way he is used to. He finished only half his food (Avoderm wet food mixed with Fussy Cat tuna) this morning. Randie came to help change the bandage and brought freshly cooked fish and liver for him but he didn’t eat it, so I syringed him with the ‘soup’. I had applied neem oil on both Greyee and Donna yesterday so they are a bit grouchy. Hope his appetite will pick up later….

Maxijane, Randie and myself discussed about leaving the wound open… but not very sure if this is a good idea? Getting the bandaging right is really an art… too tight the foot will swell…too loose the gauze will will not stay on the wound.

I had a look at the Active Manuka Honey today, as it has many uses. Saw it at Nature’s Farm for between $69.- and 118.- a jar. Hmm…I think I will stick with with the liver-flavoured liquid toothpaste for cleaning the cat’s teeth and gums for the time being.

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Friendship Rekindled

Photo and video update from their guardian

Together again

Silver & Genie holding tails 🙂

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Benny lost at *25 area 2 found at *28 area 1

Benny appeared at *25 area 2 early September and I had him sterilised…he disappeared 6 days ago.
Yesterday night, while feeding at *28 in area 1, a new cat suddenly came towards me and went rubbing around my legs. A tipped-ear and he looked familiar. I went home to check the photo and confirmed that this was Benny. Caught and dumped for sure… He had a small but deep wound at his hind leg and a puncture at one of his front paws…I applied the powder. R feels strongly that I should return him, as there are already too many cats in this area. She is right, of course, and I came back for him at midnight, after my feeding… but I just couldn’t do it. Sacrificing one to save many? He came running when I called him…he is so trusting and friendly…a sitting duck…how can I send him back there to be caught again and maybe lend up at AVA the next time. I just have no right to do that! He is friendly with other cats, too… sniffed nose to nose with Pebbles and Snoopy.

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Breakfast with Donna

A little too close for comfort?

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Good Morning Greyee Boy!

Read about Greyee-Boy here:

Some photos for the die-hard fans of Greyee Boy…

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Talking about irresponsible owners…

Received an sms from Fizah last month…she wants her 2 “Persians” to be sterilised. I said she would have to wait until next month and asked her how the mother cat and the kittens were. No reply!

Then a few days ago I went up with the intention of getting the kittens sterilised. They were no longer around…She told me they were given to her cousin.

Cinderella looked well…so hopefully they will not dump her…or give to the cousin.

The two Persians (females) will be done on Monday. Will just lend her the carriers and she will then bring them on her own.

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And another Irresponsible owner….

Is Dark Pearl really in good hands? Now I wonder….

Dark Pearl (male) was adopted in early June and I did not see any need to visit because the photos and emails seemed to indicate that he is much loved and happy in his new home and having a female companion.

The adopter signed a contract, the terms of which include that the cat be sterilised at age of 6 month (which would be Sept ’07) and also visiting rights.

I advised her to get her other (female) cat sterilised first and I believe she has done so. However when it was time for Dark Pearl she came up with many excuses…including that she herself is pregnant so she cant bring him to the vet, her vet charges are expensive, waiting for her salary to come in, the vet advised to have him sterilised at age of 10 month and etc…

Of course I did offer to pick him up and do everything for her free of charge…but I was told to mind my on business.

In the end she said that she would sterilize him mid November. I waited another month…

Then no reply to my sms yesterday (asking whether he has been done), so I told her that I wish to visit him next week.

This is the reply I received:

“Had already send Fifi for sterilization! End of conversation n stop disturbing me! This will be your last warning! I mean it this time!?

I have my doubts so I told her that I insist to see for myself.

To which she rudely replied:


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Kitten fell from 6th floor

The “owner” came down with her grandson but refused to do anything for the kitten as it was “just a cat!”. Maxijane and myself were going to bring it to the vet …but then it died quickly, did not suffer long. We will bury the kitten later. The little grey tabby was no more than 3 months old.

Rest in peace little kitten…

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Rufus sterilised

before and after

Rufus, the noisy cat on the roof! He likes to fight with the others. Billy Boy will take him on, the rest will run. He had injured Abby before. Brownie and Oreo will also keep their distance from him.

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New pics of Muddy

Took some photos on the way back from the vet. Will probably release Muddy tonight.

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Caught the Big Head today

Old pics of Muddy

Muddy will finally be tipped after 2 years. Most of the time he was not around when I wanted to get him. Then there were a few unsuccessful attempts. One time he bolted when I had him halfway in the carrier.

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Rusty sterilised

Rusty, recently abandoned at around blk *25 area 1, was sterilised today. I was told that he was abnormal…as he had only one testicle. Rusty also has a cataract in his right eye.

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Took off the E-collar today. Donna seems alright except for some weakness in what is left of her tail, but she can already move it a little. 6 more days of antibiotics and then she can be released back.
I feel sad to release her, because she has already suffered so much…

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Stitches on his favourite chair.

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New pics of Tabby-White & Donna

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Tabby-White sterilised

This Tabby-White is from around blk *36 area 3. She has a 3 months old kitten and was already pregnant again.

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Fruits….meant to be eaten!

From Dreamy’s Blog:

I will never see the sun rise

I will never see it set
I will never feel a kind touch

I will never be a pet
I will never feel love

For I will not be loved
As I’m led to my murder

Being prodded, poked and shoved

As they cut my tender skin

I wondered who would care

If anybody out there

Would consider my despair

For you did not see me die

And you did not see me bleed
You did not hear me cry

For the meat that you don’t need

You did not watch them kill me

You could not feel my pain
You will try not to think of me

As you blindly eat again

I was the cow you ate on Monday

The pig you had midweek,
I was the turkey for your Christmas,

I was the calf you liked to eat

I was the chicken in your sandwich

The duck you had for tea
I felt pain beyond belief

But you never thought of me

Because thinking can be painful

And you refuse to see
That for every time you eat meat

Those animals must bleed

The cow was killed for Monday

The pig was scalded too
The turkey lived for 16 weeks

And the calf had died for you

The chicken lived inside a cage

The duck could hardly move
And all of this suffering

Occurred for so called food

I fail to see a reason

As there is no need
When humans eat my meat

It is purely for their greed

You may think you’re above me

That you have advantage
But a kind, innocent creature

Is better than a savage

So next time you’re out shopping

Try to feel some guilt
For those animals have died

For your eggs, your meat and milk

My heroes are those people

Who will not bite into me
So I ask a simple favour

And please stop eating meat

I’m asking for the cows

The pigs and all the sheep
I’m asking for the birds

Who are more than just some meat

They can’t speak themselves

So please lets be their voice
Every one born into this

For them there was no choice

For you did not see me die

And you did not see me bleed
You did not hear me cry

For the me
at that you don’t need

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Kittens need fosterer/home urgently

Anyone able to help this caregiver?

See pic of kittens here:

– Hi everyone,

I do need a little help here.

I don’t understand why but I will have to hound my town council again.
They are taking cats away once someone makes a complain even though
they are supposed to get me to mediate and see how problems could be solved.

To them, the death sentence is a nice, clean way of solving these petty issues.
I have kittens in urgent need of adoption/foster care, since there are
multiple complains about the “over-population” of cats.

They are about a month old each & are at a horribly high risk of being
put down. I am confident of getting them adopted but I will need a
foster family for them, say for about a month or even shorter.

All I hope is that the town council saga will blow over soon and they
can either be put back with the rest of the cats in the neighborhood,
or be adopted.

Please do circulate this information to your fellow cat lovers.
I’m hoping for some foster care, or even better, parents. I am willing
to pay for kitty litter & food for the period of care.

Thank you –

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Long Tail turned Short Tail

Donna’s tail had to be amputated otherwise there would be risk of infection. Now all that is left of the tail is a shaved little stump. Will have to keep her in for 2 weeks to clean the wound and give her antibiotics. Kitty is not too happy about sharing the balcony… but cannot be helped.

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Donna returned …

Donna from blk *22 area 1 went missing for several weeks. Then she suddenly appeared while I was feeding the cats at *21. I didn’t recognize her at first because she looked frightened and different….her long tail was gone and part of what was left looked dead and dried up. There is also a swelling at the back. Will bring her to the vet in the morning to have the tail amputated.

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A walk in the wild

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The two Pearls have been sterilised

The two Pearls are now sporting tipped ear. Will be visiting them next week and also visit “Fatty Boom Boom” Stitches and “Naughty Boy” Gemma and …. so many more! I miss Lapis and Motor Spot… but happy for them having found homes 🙂

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Ashley caged for observation

Ashley had a piece of poo sticking to his fur. We cut it off and then saw something sticking out from his backside that looked like hairball…
I gave him a dose of Nushi’s hairball remedy and will leave him in the cage until his next poo… hopefully not another blockage.
Ashley has this habit of “grooming? me when I am sleeping…he thinks I’m his mama. When I get him out of my hair he will then happily snuggle up in my arms. Always worry that he might ingest some of my hair and it could entangle in the intestines.
Nushi has a bit of runny nose…that and the gums is probably what keeps her from eating. Mirko also sneezes once in a while…but still has good appetite.

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The kitty has settled down…

Less hissing after I pasted newspaper on the glass doors to block the view of the other cats and today she seems quite happy and playful.

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Enact microchipping, neutering instead of banning cats in flats


Friday • November 2, 2007

Letter by Dr Tan Chek Wee

Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat owners like myself, who wrote to the Ministry of National Development, to keep cats as companion animals were given this reply: “Cats are not allowed to be kept in HDB flats as they are nomadic in nature and are difficult to be confined within the flats.

“Due to the nomadic nature of cats, the nuisances caused by cats such as shedding of fur, defecating/urinating in public areas, noise disturbance et cetera would affect the environment and neighbourliness in our housing estates. In view of this, the HDB has the policy of not allowing cats to be kept in HDB flats.?

During the last five years, I decided to keep three cats that were rescued when they were kittens. They are now all sterilised.

I installed door and window grills in my flat to make sure that they do not venture out. However, they are happily home-bound.

They do not make noise from mating calls, called caterwauling, in fact, my neighbours have to make noise to call for the cats so that they can stretch their hands through the grills to?sayang? them.

They are also fastidiously fussy and will do their “business? in a bin filled with recycled pellets of paper or pine dust.

Responsible owners like myself support regulations instead of a ban to compel the few “black sheep? owners to be responsible.

Regulations that include microchipping, keeping home cats indoors and sterilisation will be more effective in reducing complaints about cats and in reducing pet abandonment. It is a win-win situation for all.

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Steel missing

Steel has been missing for 2 days. He is from block *18 in area 2.

I have heard rumors that some Pest Control dump cats at ar a certain area and went cycling around there twice but seems quite hopeless…they could be anywhere.

Meanwhile some new tipped-ears have appeared, a torty and an all white in area 2 and a white-and-black in area 3.

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Having a boarder

This Kitty just came in and she is still scared hiding behind the cage.

Her guardians have come up with an interesting litter box. The lower box has pine pellets (for the pee) and the one on top has holes at the bottom and is filled with recycled paper litter (for the poo).

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With this old camera my photo-taking is limited to day time only and then either outdoors or on the balconey where there is enough light…

Nushi’s wound has healed nicely but she is still not eating much. She sneezed a few times and has been caughing last night. Strangely she refuses the wet food but will take some kibbles, although she has problems chewing them and will paw at her mouth. I will srynge-feed her a while longer to see if her appetite comes back…

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Pet project: Let’s work together

Thursday • November 1, 2007

Goh Boon Choo

Like some other countries, Singapore too has its set of pet problems, manifested in our homeless animal population and irresponsible pet ownership.

Government agencies address these problems independently: The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) regulates pet sales, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) does not permit cats and large-breed dogs to be kept as pets, and pet abandonment is a legislated crime.

HDB residents have the added option of requesting their Town Councils to remove animals for culling by the AVA.

Some 20,000 cats and dogs are put down by the AVA and the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) every year. And the AVA’s annual culling bill averages $500,000.

In spite of these efforts, we still hear of pet-related spats between neighbours and of abandonment issues.

The SPCA receives up to 1,000 animals each month and the homeless animal population stays at around 100,000. This begs the question: Do the current set of policies need a rethink?

Many abandoned pets are not neutered — those which survive become street-smart, ensuring the homeless animal population’s viability despite consistent culling.

While residents can request their Town Councils’ help, culling every animal is not a solution.

Another recourse is to contact the National Environment Agency if the issue is hygiene-related. But the agency can only warn errant pet owners or issue fines.

Is a blanket pet ban the solution? That would be a bad decision because it ignores the fundamentals of pet-animal issues.

The increased abandonment of large dogs as highlighted in the article, “Large dogs: Time for a rethink? (Oct 25), after the AVA tightened licensing rules is a good example. If the problem was simply stricter rules, then it would not just be large dogs being abandoned.

Can this issue be handled better? Possibly.

The key is in acknowledging that people want to keep cats and dogs as pets, regardless of what type of residence they live in.

While some problems cannot be eliminated completely, they can be minimised with a consistent, comprehensive and progressive framework conducive to responsible pet ownership.

Such a framework requires a clear consensus that this is a multi-faceted problem requiring cooperation and coordination among all stakeholders — government agencies, pet sellers, pet owners, animal welfare groups and non-pet owners. Therein lies the crux: The absence of an entity with overarching authority that can facilitate communication at all levels.

For example, while the AVA oversees national rules on pet ownership, the HDB sets its pet laws independently, while Town Councils follow the HDB’s lead. According to animal experts and the AVA, sterilised cats are highly suited for flat-dwelling. Also, temperament and training, rather than size, dictates a dog’s manageability.

Yet, the HDB clings to these very reasons for continuing its ban. And Town Councils do not want cats and dogs outdoors.

Where do such rules leave responsible pet owners, or neighbours of irresponsible ones?

Denying the existence of flat-dwelling pets, and legislating them out of home and hearth aggravate existing problems. All parties should come together and play a part. It is time we rethink our pet policies, starting with the HDB’s rules on pets.

The writer is a reader of Today.

And please write your letters…..

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