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The Golden Compass

Meet my Daemon 🙂

He is called Diodium and is a wildcat..


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Having a boarder

This two-month old kitten is just too young to be left alone all day while the family is away… so I made an exception and took him in. Sometimes people mistakenly think that pet-sitting means boarding. He is very cute….will be staying until Monday. The daughter found this kitten not long ago and took him home. They have already bought all the things he needs and also had him vaccinated. Hope they will consider my advise on wire-meshing.

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Betty was sterilised today

Betty, a recent abandonee from blk *23 area 1, is the last one for this month. This pretty calico was very shy at first so I waited a few weeks. Yesterday she was lifted into the carrier without problem.

Donna has been released and has us worried as she keeps hiding in the deep drain. She did come out and ate her food last night…but this morning and afternoon again no sight of her… and there was heavy rain.

Greyee’s wound is quite dry so I hope it will heal in time without him having to go to hospital again. He will be going to Phyllis’ cattery tomorrow…

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Good Morning Greyee Boy

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High on catnip

Daiso’s catnip is the most powerfully stuff! The whole gang is rolling about except for Donna. I have a feeling Maxijane does not approve of me drugging Greyee Boy 😉

A natural herbal painkiller 🙂

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Greyee went to emergency yesterday night

Greey looked quite dull, had no appetite and felt warm. so we decided to bing him to the hospital last night.

His temperature was actually not very high. The vet suspects that he is in pain (from the wound). He was given injections and prescribed oral painkillers. He looks brighter today but still not much appetite.

The bandage slipped slipped off during the night. As the wound looks quite dry I left it open and just applied some antibiotic powder. Transferred him to the big cage, lined with a pad.

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A slightly blur Greyee-Boy

Greyee Boy enjoying the view….thinking of his home place? I offer him the dry food in paper bowls the way he is used to. He finished only half his food (Avoderm wet food mixed with Fussy Cat tuna) this morning. Randie came to help change the bandage and brought freshly cooked fish and liver for him but he didn’t eat it, so I syringed him with the ‘soup’. I had applied neem oil on both Greyee and Donna yesterday so they are a bit grouchy. Hope his appetite will pick up later….

Maxijane, Randie and myself discussed about leaving the wound open… but not very sure if this is a good idea? Getting the bandaging right is really an art… too tight the foot will swell…too loose the gauze will will not stay on the wound.

I had a look at the Active Manuka Honey today, as it has many uses. Saw it at Nature’s Farm for between $69.- and 118.- a jar. Hmm…I think I will stick with with the liver-flavoured liquid toothpaste for cleaning the cat’s teeth and gums for the time being.

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