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Fighter passed away


Rest in Peace

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Batman has kidney problems

Old photo of Fighter

Ah Eng took him to the vet and had tests done. Her niece called me today to ask for advice. He is not eating and has lost much weight. Poo only every 4 or 5 days.

Fighter was Billy Boys arch-enemy 5 years ago… but later they became friends.

Ah Eng calls him Batman. I advised her to syringe-feed 1/2 can Avoderm morning and night and to give honey or lactulose for the constipation.

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Update on the sick cats…

Genie has not been seen since Sunday, so I called AVA and SPCA and printed posters today. Then went down to put up the posters and found her at the void deck of *24 area 1. She greeted me with two sneezes.

Orange Boy seems to be the worst effected now. Have quarantined him in my room. He feels a bit warm, sneezes a lot now and breathes with his mouth open…didn’t touch his dinner.

Searched a long time for the injured black kitten yesterday…but couldn’t find him. Sylvia saw him the day before, cleaned the wound and applied powder.

Sylvia first noticed the little white dots on Fighter’s fur. I looked closely and saw they were nits. At least now I know what to do…will apply the Spot-on tomorrow.

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One sneezes, one coughs and another has watery eyes…

Stitches is still sneezing but otherwise he looks much better, the fever is down and he is eating well. The wet eczema is still not improving.

Big Head’s eyes are both watery now but the new wound (torn skin next to the stitches) is closing up. He is now sleeping in the hammock. I can stroke him, syringe him and wipe his eyes clean but have to move very slowly as he is all tense…ready to defend himself.

Orange Boy has started coughing recently, so I am giving Vibravet to all three of them now.

There is a new black kitten at *14 area 2 (maybe about 6 months old). He has quite a big wound at his back, just where the tail starts. I suspect that he was bitten by the same cat that terrorized Stitches.

Fighter has a skin problem…hair loss, red irritated skin and even wounds at his neck and hind legs. Have applied neem oil several times but no improvement. Then started to apply the cream that I was given for Stitches’ eczema and that seems to help. Wonder if it could be mites? The Photo was taken a few months back, before he skin problem started.

Old Ginger and Sophia are not eating well…now I always give both of them Nutri-plus gel to supplement and improve appetite.

There is also a new and very skinny black-and-white boy…who doesn’t eat much… he too gets syringed with Nutri-plus.

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Three more cats sterilised this month

The first one to be sterilised was Pebbles (1st photo), as she was on heat and made a lot of noise. She recovered well but we had a hard time letting her go. She is one of those very affectionate cats that are just not meant to be left out there on their own…. easy targets…. easy prey…she is also young, I think less than a year old and she is very beautiful, the photo does not do her justice. Her fur is very soft and the gray and ginger patches are of a soft light pastel shade. If I only could keep her… and Boy Boy and Rocky, Baby… but it would not be fair to Nushi, so we won’t have more than 2 cats. Nushi and Shasha still have little fights and are not playing together, as we hoped they would… but maybe they need more time to get comfortable with each other.

Next was Howie (2nd photo), Shredder’s son, and then finally I managed to catch the big bad cat that keeps mauling Billy Boy. We call him Fighter. We actually had to transport him to the clinic in the cage as we could not transfer him to the carrier. He is one fierce cat! Let’s hope he will change his ways… and Billy Boy will get a break!


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