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Rest in Peace Sunny

Picture taken by Q.


Rest in Peace

At least there is closure now.

A lady (Q) contacted me soon after I had put up the posters. She used to bring Sunny home. I was on the way to meet her today to discuss what else we could do to find Sunny.

On the way a neighbour of Q approached me and told me that Sunny had died and he had burried him. The man had just seen my poster. He suspects that Sunny was hit by a car.

This Malay man is actually from the same ground-floor unit where Sunny and Rainy first appeared… but they had denied that the kittens belonged to them.

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Sunny missing

Received the sad news today that another cat has been missing for a week from the same area.

A caregiver (M) heard a loud scream early morning on the day he went missing. She says it was not the kind of scream that is heard when cats fight.

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New photos of Sunny

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Sunny’s tail broken

Yesterday night I found Sunny near the Indian temple which is quite some distance from block *28 area 1. I cycled back holding him in my arm. Then while feeding him I saw that his previously long and straight tail was now kinked in the middle…very similar to what happened to Sandy from block *26. Sunny ate his food and didn’t seem in pain.

Could there be an abuser who did this purposely? I think most likely the tail has been run over by a bicycle.

M didn’t see him this morning…

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Mala and The Weather Forecast

The 4 kittens were sterilized at Pet Clinic today. The two 6-months- old calico girls are still a little drowsy, while the 2 boys are already wide-awake and had their meal. Thought that I could keep the 2 brothers together in the long cage but they were growling and hissing at each other.

Mala is usually at blk *25 area 1, together with Nora and Snoopy. Had to use the trap for her.

Sunny & Rainy are brothers who were abandoned at *28 area 1. They are now about 7 months old. Later Cloudy, a 6-month-old girl, joined them. The 3 of them can always be found at the entrance of a ground floor flat belonging to a Malay family, but of course when it comes to sterilizing they are not their cats…

Photos: Rainy, Cloudy, Sunny and Mala

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