Damy now on Clomicalm

damy 006
There is spraying and there is obsessive spraying! At my wits end I finally decided to try medication. The vet prescribed something called Kalm to try for a few days before starting on the clomicalm. Done that and there was no change in his behaviour. Gave him the first dose of clomi yesterday but only 5mg which is half the amount prescribed. No side effects so far… he is his usual self but perhaps a little calmer and there was less spraying. Dare I hope?

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Muddy is sick

muddy 012

Muddy has been loosing weight. He is also dehydrated and has poor appetite. Going to the vet tomorrow… worried it’s kidney failure… sigh!

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Bo found a new home



Bo was adopted 3 years ago but the family is now moving to Dubei and not taking her along. Thanks to my friend Ivy Bo has found a good new home!

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Three Kitties

Russel, Simba, Esky 001

Russel, Simba, Esky 002

Russel, Simba, Esky 003

Russel, Simba, Esky 004

Russel, Simba, Esky 005

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Both cats limping

Stitch Stoney 001

Stitch Stoney 008

Stitch Stoney 007

Both like to start fights… Stoney will go after Damy and Stitches will bully Stoney. Now both are limping Continue reading

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Pebble on medication

Pebble 003 

Pebble 005


Pebble had to take 5 pills and a liver tonic. I was worried, but she takes it all with her food…. no fuss at all!



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A Burmese named Suu Kyi


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November 28, 2012 · 5:53 am