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E.T. Girl & Naughty Boy sterilised

Helped Anna to trap Naughty Boy and later kept both cats at my place after the surgery. E.T. was very scared and not eating well so I released her earlier than planned (after 4 days). She ran for her life when I opened the carrier… then when I fed the Garfield family a few blocks away she suddenly appeared next to my bicycle and meowed for food :).

Garfield was missing for several days after Anna told me that he had a large swelling on his forehead. She thinks someone beat him… I was worried and kept looking for him… very happy to see him coming for his dinner today!

Shadow was also missing and then came back limping. He was probably in a fight. I did not see any wound or swelling, so hopefully he will get better soon….

Ashley and Shasha play together and chasing each other. Nushi doesn’t play much but accepts him well, no problem at all… but Nushi and Shasha still can’t get along 😦

I saw a HUGE cat at Blk *25 while looking for a cat that has gone missing in that area.

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