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Lao Huang

Yesterday his condition was about the same as the day before. I syringe-fed him liver and chicken broth.

Today A had him transferred to ICU because it is quieter there. He looked better to me…moved around a little and tried to scratch his ear. I gave him a good scratch… and also had his long front claws clipped.
His glucose level and urine is now more normal and no more ketones…but there is bad news. They did an ultrasound test and found that he has chronic pancreatitis…and also some liver problems. The vet explained that they can’t give him any food now – to let the pancreas heal…but this will worsen the liver. Implanting a feeding tube to bypass the pancreas is not possible because of his weak condition…he wouldn’t be able to take the anesthetic.

After hearing this I feel there is too much suffering and too little hope and perhaps we should let him go…but this is for A to decide.

Lao Huang is a very special cat, a gentle giant…I will try to get a second opinion tomorrow

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Let’s hope town councils do not start a ‘holocaust’ of cats

Straits Times May 30:

I FAIL to understand why town councils are so ‘spooked’ by cats that they are bent on getting rid of all of them with the recent adoption of ‘Zero Strays’ policy, based on their perception that ‘most’ residents do not like cats.

Notwithstanding the killing of 13,000 cats a year for more than 20 years, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, many residents have volunteered themselves in ‘cat management’ which includes trapping and sterilising stray cats and identifying them with a surgical cut at the tip of the left ear and assisting town councils to investigate complaints about cats with resulting effective and cost-free solutions.

The impression at the grassroots level is that most residents are against killing cats and when informed there is a humane method of controlling the cat population, that is, trap-neuter-release-and-manage (TnRM), they have given the ‘thumbs up’.

Volunteer-caregivers like me, who spend much time, effort and money in TnRM, also wish for a day when there are zero cats on the streets with every cat in the safe refuge of homes.

To achieve that, we hope for the HBD to lift the ban on keeping cats, AVA to put a ban on import and sale of pets and the legislation of a law mandating the sterilisation of all pets, including home cats.

Meanwhile, we hope to be assured that the town council’s ‘zero strays’ policy is tied up with cat management and that there will not be a holocaust of cats.

A few months ago, one of my ‘senior citizen’ patients came to see me looking very distraught.

He wasn’t physically ill but he was devastated when he heard that a black-and-white tipped ear community cat that often sought out his company as he sat in the void deck was abused and killed.

Then a few weeks later, he came to see me again, this time bearing a big grin. He said ‘his’ cat was back. Someone has brought the cat to the vet for treatment. It has recovered from its injury and released back into the community.

If the town councils accede to request ‘zero strays’, I shudder to think what our ‘urban jungle’ will be like when residents request ‘zero birds’, ‘zero trees’, ‘zero bicycles’, et cetera. When does the town council deem such requests unreasonable?

American radio legend Paul Harvey said: ‘Ever occur to you why some of us can be this much concerned with animals suffering? Because government is not. Why not? Animals don’t vote.’

Is it true?

Dr Tan Chek Wee

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Update on Lao Huang

Visited Lao Huang at the hospital today and had a great shock to see him reduced to skin and bones. I sat with him for an hour and he responded to the stroking by moving his head and opening his eyes a little. When A’s mum came, we placed a thick soft towel under him…he had been lying on the bare metal grid.

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Lao Huang hospitalized

Just received sms that Leo aka Lao Huang has been hospitalized…lost a lot of weight, blood in his urine and no appetite.

Have not seen him for a long time as A took him in to keep him safe from bullies. He was quite overweight when I last saw him.

Old photo of Lao Huang:

Lao Huang be strong and recover!

Update: Lao Huang has terminal diabetes and is in shock. The vets are trying to stabilize him.

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Please help take in my two cats!

The two Malay girls knocked at my door again. This time they asked me to take in their own two cats, as their father would throw them out by tomorrow because of the new baby in the house.

I went over to talk to their elder sister (the mother of the baby). She loves the cats, too, and is willing to take them with her when she moves to her new home in about 3 months time. She told me of her other sister who keeps 8 cats and now faces problems because of a neighbour’s complaint. I suggested to board the cats at a private cattery for those few months…but seems they also have financial problems. The two cats, one year old males, look healthy and well taken care of but have not been sterilized.

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Three kittens for adoption

Me and my brother and sister are looking for permanent homes. We are almost 3 months old now and we know things like what are those litter boxes for and where to find the most comfortable places to sleep. My siblings are just as cute as I am…well almost!

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Three Little Pearls

Photo: Light Pearl

The little one ‘Light Pearl’ is a girl and the other two ‘Dark Pearl’ and ‘Black Pearl’ are boys.

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What will be the fate of Pearl’s kittens?

Three of Pearl’s kittens were missing yesterday, only the little Black Pearl was left at *18 area 2.


Later I heard crying under a car at *21 and then saw Light Pearl hiding on top of a wheel. A lady told me that there was another kitten at the next block. I called Mohan and Sylvia…later Haslina and the Auntie also came. They kept an eye on the kittens while I cycled around the area to look for the 4th kitten while waiting for Mohan…but couldn’t find it.

Mohan had a hard time catching the 3 kittens. Light Pearl had jumped into the drain but later came out again and was netted under a car.

The 3 kittens are now at my place awaiting their fate.

No point bringing them back to where someone keeps removing them…may even be the shop owner….

Maybe they will go to a farm to live with 600 other cats…

Will try looking for Grey Pearl again tonight.

Photos: Black Pearl, Dark Pearl and Light Pearl

Update: The 3 kittens are so happy and content now. They have lost their fear and are playful and curious. They eat well, even finish up all the dry food left over night, and always use the litter box.

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Silver missing

Have not seen Silver since Thursday. She is pretty and friendly…could someone have taken her home?

Anna’s Clover (the cat with the broken front leg) has been missing from area 3 blk *52 for more than 2 weeks. Yesterday Sylvia found him just a few blocks away, he was hungry but otherwise he seemed alright.

I noticed that Boy Boy is walking with a slight limp. Will get the joint support formula for him…maybe Anna had stopped giving it to him.

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Pain and grief

come to stay my old friends

for as long as you wish

You are just a part of my dream

I feel the vehicle crushing my body

I feel the bewilderment and loss

Who drove that vehicle

I did…in my dream of time and space and form

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Pearl was hit by a school bus…

…on Monday morning. Went to feed the 4 orphans this afternoon when another feeder approached me and told me what had happened to Pearl.

This man also told me that he is feeding the kittens in the morning…and there are other feeders, too. The Auntie and myself take turns to feed and clean up late at night, so they won’t go hungry but we can’t protect them from all the dangers…

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Mars starts using animal products

Actually they have always been using an animal product, namely cow’s milk, which makes these chocolates unsuitable for vegans, but now they are also unsuitable for lacto vegetarians.

Dark non-dairy chocolate tastes good and so does chocolate made with soya milk…please don’t take part in the exploitation of our fellow animals!

Masterfoods’ brands are household names
Some of the UK’s best-selling chocolate bars, such as Mars and Twix, will no longer be suitable for vegetarians.
Also affecting brands such as Snickers and Maltesers, owner Masterfoods said it had started to use animal product rennet to make its chocolate products.

Masterfoods said the change was due to it switching the sourcing of its ingredients and the admission was a “principled decision” on its part.

The Vegetarian Society (UK) said the company’s move was “incomprehensible”.

‘Extremely disappointed’

Masterfoods said it had started using rennet from 1 May and non-affected products had a “best before date” up to 1 October.

Masterfoods’ decision to use non-vegetarian whey is a backward step

Vegetarian Society

Rennet, a chemical sourced from calves’ stomachs, is used in the production of whey.

It will now also be found in Bounty, Minstrels and Milky Way products, and the ice cream versions of all Masterfoods’ bars.

“If the customer is an extremely strict vegetarian, then we are sorry the products are no longer suitable, but a less strict vegetarian should enjoy our chocolate,” said Paul Goalby, corporate affairs manager for Masterfoods.

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No mood to feed anymore…

We have seen it coming…many of her cats have disappeared and she doesn’t seem to care. When they are sick, she just says ‘It’s their life…let it be’

Now this feeder told us that she is not feeding anymore. Yesterday, Sylvia saw the hungry cats gathering under the feeder’s block…no food…no water.

I checked her other areas and gave the cats some food but I did not see Boy Boy. Then Sylvia came and told me that she had already fed Boy Boy and also left water for the cats to drink. We are both very disappointed that she can abandon her cats just like that…

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Kitten rescue

While cycling past block *10 area 2, I heard a kitten crying out from under a car. I took the torchlight to have a look…it was a little black one perhaps about 3 months old. I pushed some food under the car and it ate a little, crying and eating at the same time…while I was trying to think of what to do.

This kitten was about the size of Pearl’s babies…could it be hers? Maybe she would accept this kitten even if it was not one of hers?

I tried…but failed to catch it…so I called Mohan for help. It was around 11 pm and he was still at the farm but just about to leave. Silvia also came over. While waiting for Mohan, we tried again to catch it but then it went into the small opening at the side of the drain and we knew that we would loose it if it jumped in.

Mohan came…I held one net to catch the kitten if it fell into the drain while Mohan was going to catch it with the other net from the other side. When we brought the kitten to *18 we saw the mother nursing the other 3 kittens. We placed it next to them and the mother accepted it back.

Someone must have carried this kitten all the way to block *10…

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Bella is not well

Bella’s nictitating membrane is covering a third of her eyes. It has been like this for more than 2 weeks. She eats and takes the Nutri-Gel…but sometimes I have to tempt her with a can of Fancy Feast. I wonder should I still wait or bring her to the vet?

The same thing happened to Shredder, it lasted about 3 weeks, and then she was back to normal.

Old photo of Bella:

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Another Siamese sterilised

I first noticed him about a year ago…a little abandoned kitten. Later he disappeared and then I saw him occasionally outside one ground floor unit, so I knew that they were taking care of him but let him roam outside.

The family confirmed that he is their cat now and said they would get him sterilised. I waited a month and then offered to bring him for them. He is now at the vet.

The owner actually sms-ed me that she wanted to bathe 2T before I take him to the vet 🙂 I told her not to…as it would only make him more stressed.

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Helping to catch a sick cat

A caregiver told me about a lady who wants to bring a sick stray cat to the vet but has no experience with cats.

From her description he seemed to have flu and also seemed to be quite friendly. I told her there was probably no need to bring him to the vet but it would be good to bring him in for a few days…especially since it was raining. I was happy to hear that he was actually a tipped-ear community cat. Could this ginger boy be one of Anna’s lost cats? Could there be someone doing TNRM in this area?

When I went there it was raining quite heavily and he was hiding under a car. He really didn’t look sick, perhaps a bit of a sore throat. While we were feeding him and trying to coax him out from under the car a Chinese lady approached us.

She is a feeder and we talked for a long time, the younger lady acting as interpreter. She said one of the other feeders had sterilized this cat and also another few cats in the area and she seemed eager to help but didn’t know how to go about it. I offered her one or two of my SPCA vouchers for this month…

She also told us about cats being rounded up and an abuser who killed a cat and broke another’s leg, a mother cat with kittens on the 2nd floor of one of the blocks and about people scolding her for feeding cats…

I urged her to get in touch with the TC. She thought her cats would be safe because they wear collars…

The young lady actually intends to adopt this ginger boy and I gave her some tips on care and food and especially the importance of installing wire mesh to prevent falls. The feeder will help her catch the cat later…he trusts her and will let her carry him.

There was also another tipped-ear wearing a collar, a very friendly female tabby.

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Darly’s story

Saw a Malay lady today opening a can of Friskies for Darly. She said he was her cat but they keep him downstairs because he doesn’t know to use the toilet. How they got him? Their female cat gave birth to him…No, they did not sterilize her but gave her away to an aunt. I wonder what happened to his siblings…

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Two obese cats abandoned at *26 area 1

The owner of the little kiosk said he had been looking for me for 3 days because of a ‘huge fat cat with the tummy almost dragging on the floor’. He said children kicked at him so he went into hiding at the back of his shop…he had refused food for 3 days.

I could see the cat and managed to push some food and water towards him. When I came back after a few minutes the food was not touched and the cat was gone. Then later we saw him under a car but when I came close he went under the next car…so I just left some food next to the car. The cat didn’t really look sick…just very frightened.

While I was looking for him I saw another obese cat jumping into the drain near the bin centre. Looks like two new abandonees…

I will keep looking for them and the shop owner will also try again to feed him if he comes back…

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Black-And-White Boy and Bell Boy have been sterilised

Bell Boy is a newcomer at *41 area 3. He was wearing a string with as bell around his neck and is quite skinny.

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A police report was made…

…after it was clear that they had no intention of letting me see Shadow.

They kept me waiting all Sunday. The hp was switched off in the morning then sms in the afternoon that the cat was sleeping now and I could see him later when they bring him to the park for a walk…no reply when I asked for the time and place. Later the fiancée called, saying he had spent much money to place advertisements and that many people had called to claim the cat was theirs.

Shadow has already been abandoned once, the previous owners left him behind when moving house…why should he have to go through this again…and what if they can’t find an adopter when they migrate…his territory may have been taken over by that time and the other 3 cats at *02 area 2 may not accept him back. Just hope that he is well and will be returned soon.

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Photos of Black-And-White Boy

This hyper boy never keeps still…

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Black-And-White-Boy to be sterilsed

Went to the 8th floor of block *11 area 2 yesterday and again today. No sight of Patchy and no one seemed to be at home. Hopefully they have decided to keep her inside.

While passing through the area I noticed that all my posters had been removed….

Went to *30 area 3 and saw Black Boy. The expensive blue collar that Juliana bought for him was missing. Juliana came down to hold him while I applied the neem oil all over his body.

Then I saw this young black-and-white boy…the owner lets him roam and refuses to sterilize him. Juliana told me that he agreed to pay some transport money if we bring the cat for him. Anyway, I took the cat in for Tuesday’s slot. On the way back I fed the little white Siamese kitten and the ever-hungry Sammy, who likes only dry food.

Yesterday, a mother with her 2 young children was just about to open a packet of Whiskas to feed Pebble and Onyx. I explained to her about responsible feeding … a while later I saw her empty it onto the floor to feed Rocky. She doesn’t feed because she cares about the cats…she feeds to entertain the children who are not allowed to have pets or touch the cats because they are prone to eczema.

Billy Boy finally received his Revolution treatment yesterday…needed Sylvia’s help to hold him.

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Update on Shadow

Finally received an sms today:

“Had to be out of town urgently and had just reached S’pore. My hp battery is flat!

Brownie is save and well fed in my fiancée’s place ever since he was found.

Me and my fiancée are cat lovers. We are trying to find adoptee through cat welfare society before we migrate to Melbourne late next year. We have 4 cats currently.
Brownie has his own space in my fiancée’s house living room. I have checked him and no injuries. We have decided to take care of him since he has no owner. Don’t worry ok??

When I insisted to see for myself…she agreed to meet me tomorrow but still did not reveal her address and expressed disappointment at my lack of trust.

I did not question her further…but if I understand correctly she is planning to migrate without her 4 cats and Shadow.

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Very strange…

I received a call yesterday, someone had seen my poster and remembered an advertisement in the Chinese papers Lianhe Wan Bao (more than one week ago) about a Siamese cat. She gave me the number of that person.

When I called and described the cat, the lady was very certain that the cat she found is Shadow. She said that he is a good boy, very friendly and goes to the toilet to do his business.

She explained that after feeding him he followed her home and she took him in ( somewhere in the *20 area…she was vague and later said that this was not actually her place).

When I asked her whether she would like to adopt him, she said that she could not as she has already 4 cats at home.

I suggested that we meet up when she releases him…just to make sure that it is really Shadow.

She said that she would call me after work…but didn’t. I called her several times between 9.30 and 10.30pm while I was feeding the cats in the area. At first the calls were not picked up then the hp was switched off and still remains switched off today. I have also sent an sms…

I really don’t know what to make of this…do the people want to keep the cat but think I may want to charge an adoption fee… did they loose him or release him somewhere else…or did she loose her hp…but then she could obtain my number form one of the posters???

I will make a police report if there is no reply by tomorrow and also put up posters at blk *20 to *29 tonight.

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SPCA not accepting tippped-ear cats from pest control companies

Called again today to report the loss of Stitches. Spoke to another lady this time and was again told that they accept all cats (including those with tipped-ears) from pest control companies…even telling me that this is the new procedure.

The Shelter Manager later said that they would not accept tipped ear cats from pest control but SPCA would accept the non-tipped cats. Let’s hope this info is passed on to the volunteers manning the telephone lines…

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Found Patchy while looking for Stitches

Released Black Boy today and on the way back I looked for Stitches. A couple approached me to tell me about a cat on the 8th floor of blk *11area 2 causing them problems by defecating at the corridor. They said that the cat looks pregnant. I followed them up and as I had hoped after they described the cat…there was a well-fed Patchy. I explained to the couple about the tipped ears and that this cat has been sterilized. Also gave them my number and said that I would talk to the people who feed Patchy outside their door (they were not in at that time)…and advised them to sprinkle crushed moth balls around their flower pots.

Carried Patchy down and gave her some food but she looked frightened and ran up the stairs again. I can only hope to persuade the family to take her in.

Still no sight of Stitches…

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