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Lao Huang

Yesterday his condition was about the same as the day before. I syringe-fed him liver and chicken broth.

Today A had him transferred to ICU because it is quieter there. He looked better to me…moved around a little and tried to scratch his ear. I gave him a good scratch… and also had his long front claws clipped.
His glucose level and urine is now more normal and no more ketones…but there is bad news. They did an ultrasound test and found that he has chronic pancreatitis…and also some liver problems. The vet explained that they can’t give him any food now – to let the pancreas heal…but this will worsen the liver. Implanting a feeding tube to bypass the pancreas is not possible because of his weak condition…he wouldn’t be able to take the anesthetic.

After hearing this I feel there is too much suffering and too little hope and perhaps we should let him go…but this is for A to decide.

Lao Huang is a very special cat, a gentle giant…I will try to get a second opinion tomorrow

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Let’s hope town councils do not start a ‘holocaust’ of cats

Straits Times May 30:

I FAIL to understand why town councils are so ‘spooked’ by cats that they are bent on getting rid of all of them with the recent adoption of ‘Zero Strays’ policy, based on their perception that ‘most’ residents do not like cats.

Notwithstanding the killing of 13,000 cats a year for more than 20 years, costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, many residents have volunteered themselves in ‘cat management’ which includes trapping and sterilising stray cats and identifying them with a surgical cut at the tip of the left ear and assisting town councils to investigate complaints about cats with resulting effective and cost-free solutions.

The impression at the grassroots level is that most residents are against killing cats and when informed there is a humane method of controlling the cat population, that is, trap-neuter-release-and-manage (TnRM), they have given the ‘thumbs up’.

Volunteer-caregivers like me, who spend much time, effort and money in TnRM, also wish for a day when there are zero cats on the streets with every cat in the safe refuge of homes.

To achieve that, we hope for the HBD to lift the ban on keeping cats, AVA to put a ban on import and sale of pets and the legislation of a law mandating the sterilisation of all pets, including home cats.

Meanwhile, we hope to be assured that the town council’s ‘zero strays’ policy is tied up with cat management and that there will not be a holocaust of cats.

A few months ago, one of my ‘senior citizen’ patients came to see me looking very distraught.

He wasn’t physically ill but he was devastated when he heard that a black-and-white tipped ear community cat that often sought out his company as he sat in the void deck was abused and killed.

Then a few weeks later, he came to see me again, this time bearing a big grin. He said ‘his’ cat was back. Someone has brought the cat to the vet for treatment. It has recovered from its injury and released back into the community.

If the town councils accede to request ‘zero strays’, I shudder to think what our ‘urban jungle’ will be like when residents request ‘zero birds’, ‘zero trees’, ‘zero bicycles’, et cetera. When does the town council deem such requests unreasonable?

American radio legend Paul Harvey said: ‘Ever occur to you why some of us can be this much concerned with animals suffering? Because government is not. Why not? Animals don’t vote.’

Is it true?

Dr Tan Chek Wee

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Update on Lao Huang

Visited Lao Huang at the hospital today and had a great shock to see him reduced to skin and bones. I sat with him for an hour and he responded to the stroking by moving his head and opening his eyes a little. When A’s mum came, we placed a thick soft towel under him…he had been lying on the bare metal grid.

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Lao Huang hospitalized

Just received sms that Leo aka Lao Huang has been hospitalized…lost a lot of weight, blood in his urine and no appetite.

Have not seen him for a long time as A took him in to keep him safe from bullies. He was quite overweight when I last saw him.

Old photo of Lao Huang:

Lao Huang be strong and recover!

Update: Lao Huang has terminal diabetes and is in shock. The vets are trying to stabilize him.

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Please help take in my two cats!

The two Malay girls knocked at my door again. This time they asked me to take in their own two cats, as their father would throw them out by tomorrow because of the new baby in the house.

I went over to talk to their elder sister (the mother of the baby). She loves the cats, too, and is willing to take them with her when she moves to her new home in about 3 months time. She told me of her other sister who keeps 8 cats and now faces problems because of a neighbour’s complaint. I suggested to board the cats at a private cattery for those few months…but seems they also have financial problems. The two cats, one year old males, look healthy and well taken care of but have not been sterilized.

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Three kittens for adoption

Me and my brother and sister are looking for permanent homes. We are almost 3 months old now and we know things like what are those litter boxes for and where to find the most comfortable places to sleep. My siblings are just as cute as I am…well almost!

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Three Little Pearls

Photo: Light Pearl

The little one ‘Light Pearl’ is a girl and the other two ‘Dark Pearl’ and ‘Black Pearl’ are boys.

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