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How come no fine for this…

A feeder was just fined $1000.-

Ok maybe she deserved it as she had been warned many times to clear up after feeding.

But how come no one gets fined for leaving this mess? There is a surveillance camera but still the place often looks like this! The bin is right next to this table…

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What a Mess!

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Nasty dog-owner

This man always lets his medium-sized dog run free. I have no objection to that as long as the dog is well-behaved and under control. However, this is not the case.

Several times I looked from the window because this dog was barking loud and furiously. One time even late at night! Each time the dog was barking at one of the community cats, while the owner was standing several meters away watching. The cats were standing their ground arching their back. Frankly, with Rocky and Oliver, I am more worried about the dog getting hurt… but it seems the owner delights in watching this confrontation.

Today, I went up to the man, gave him a piece of my mind and warned him that I would call the police if this happens one more time. Told my daughter to take photo with her mobile next time she sees him.

I suspect that it was this dog who attacked Genie (she had seven wounds on her body), but of course he denied it.

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Observations of a midnight feeder

It is very common to see cars, buses, lorries parked with engine idling while the drivers have their meal at the 24hr coffee shop…never mind the air pollution and the noise caused by this inconsiderate action. Nowadays there are hardly any cat fights to wake me up at night as almost all of the cats in this area have been sterilized…but there is this bus frequently parking right outside my bedroom window at about 1am leaving the engine running for about half an hour. What a nuisance!

One can see men urinating at the back doors of shops, at the void deck behind pipes, especially after midnight “Oh so sorry…coffee shop toilet closed.? So far they have gotten a good scolding but maybe I should start snapping photos. I worry the cats will get blamed for the stench and pay with their lives.

Oh and the amount of rubbish …I don’t want to get into the disgusting details. I usually pick up some of it around my feeding areas…in case the cats somehow get blamed for the litter. All kind of things get thrown out of windows, too…the most common being lighted cigarette butts. One once landed on a white sports car…I removed it quickly and warned the culprits, a group of men smoking on the common corridor.

I have seen more serious crimes, too…the worst was a man being beaten up badly in a dark area. I shouted at them to stop and called the police. The attackers had run off by the time they arrived. I received a call from the police a few weeks later…the man was still hospitalized.

Hmmm…so why this witch hunt against cats? Why not go after the real nuisance instead?

And it really irks me when volunteers who care for the community cats are called ‘cat-lovers’. Do we refer to people who volunteer care for the elderly as ‘old-folks-lovers’?

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Another bird gets killed…

A few days ago, as I was sitting at the computer next to the window, I saw a mynah bird being thrown onto my air-con with great force…then the dead bird landed in the drain below.

I was furious at my upstairs neighbours and went up to speak to them after calming down a little. I told them that this time I am going to make a complaint if they don’t get their air-con fixed…and I will do so the next time I see that air-con switched on!

I had spoken to this neighbour many months back about that huge hole at the bottom of their air-con unit. Birds will enter and build their nest, which is great entertainment for my cats, but then the moving blade hits them. That time it was an oriole…the carcass was stuck and kept turning around. I did not dare to open my window for a long time, as the water from that unit would always drop onto my unit and splash into my room…

I told all this to my neighbour and was very patient hoping they would take action…but nothing was done…


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