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More photos of Steel

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Steel has a big wound…

Steel had moved away from his original place at Blk *18 area 2 and had not been seen for 2 months…then suddenly he turned up at *18 with a very nasty looking wound at his throat. I took him in and Mohan came to clean the wound and cut away all the dead skin. Steel also looked quite skinny and was very dehydrated. That was 4 days ago, I hope that the wound can close up without stitching. He is eating well and is no longer dehydrated but has loose stool.

Steel actually looks a lot like Rocky…but he is a good boy, very quiet. He is the older brother of the 3 pearls.

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Sunshine, now called Maximus, with his new family

…and Sunshine makes five 🙂

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Rocky & Misty

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Bobby has been sterilised today

Bobby (sibling of Spicy and Spot) is still at the clinic.

Sunshine was adopted into a 4-cat home yesterday. The adopter brought one of her cats along and they seemed comfortable with each other.

Rocky spent last night on the balcony…he seemed to be less noisy. The wound looks better today after applying “Burmese powder?. Misty is not afraid of him at all. Hope they can become friends if Misty doesn’t get adopted….

Update from Sammy’s adopter. He was let out into the garden for the first time today but managed to squeeze out through the plastic-meshed gate a few times.

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Double Whammy!

Sleepless nights thanks to Rocky and back problems due to an old injury.

Rocky doesn’t get tired of his constant meow…meooow…meoooow!

Have to keep him in the bathroom at night so at least the neighbours can sleep.

His wound is not healing and I noticed hat he was licking it. So on went the Elizabethan collar yesterday. However, he managed to get it off during the night and now I have tightened it a bit more.

M thinks that the wound needs stitching but I will wait a little longer…I guess it wasn’t healing because of the licking.

During the day all 3 cats (Rocky, Misty and Sunshine) are together on he balcony. All are eating well and so far seem to be getting along. Misty is playing next to Rocky…seems to have all forgotten how he used to chase her across the car park.

Old Ginger is still skinny, but not as bad as before. He has again poor appetite.

Every night I have to coax him to eat at least 1/4 to 1/3 of a can of Avoderm.

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Babu went missing

Babu has not been seen for 3 days.
A feeder saw a lady taking Babu on Monday. She told her not to take the cat as he belongs here. The lady claimed that he was originally her cat and that she stayed at the 200 area.

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Spot sterilised

Spot is one of the 4 young cats that have been dumped at a power station recently. Spicy, Spot and the other two, yet to be named and sterilised, are probably all siblings.

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Rocky has a chest wound

Rocky had been missing for 3 days…I had called up AVA, TC etc and searched on every floor. Many families feed him and he has been sighted on the 12th floor before.

Then suddenly he appeared yesterday night just as I was starting my feeding round. He looked okay and ate a whole can of Fussy Cat…but his body felt very warm. Luckily I decided to check him properly and noticed the hole at his chest and pinkish stains on the fur. I brought him in and gave him antibiotics and a few syringes of water, cleaned the wound a little and applied cream then continued feeding the community cats and called Mohan for advice. He offered to come by to help me with cleaning and dressing of the wound. Sylvia and the Auntie took over some of the feeding so I could rush back by midnight….Mohan had also just finished feeding the dogs. He even helped me clip Misty’s needle-sharp claws and clean Sunshine’s ears…

Sunshine was sterilised yesterday. According to the vet, he is about one year old. Sunshine is very thin (the poor cat was too frightened to look for food) He is eating well now and gets extra vitamins.

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Persian-X for adoption

First noticed Sunshine about 2 weeks ago. He had a collar on but somehow I felt that he had been abandoned. He was very fearful and would hide in the drain… couldn’t even get a closer look. Yesterday I noticed open wounds at his hind leg and decided o take him in. The oil spots from sleeping under cars and dirty ears clearly show that he is homeless. Sunshine has medium long fur and a long bushy tail.

The wounds are not deep and not infected so I will bring him for sterilisation tomorrow. He is very friendly…reminds me of Golden Lion. Hope Sunshine will also soon find a good home…

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Siamese-X for Adoption

Misty has lost some of her fear and become friendlier…she is playful but still a little jumpy. She will need someone to give her lots of love to make her feel safe. I wonder what she has gone through. ..I know she was chased by Rocky several times and has a big scratch across her nose. Misty was very skinny when I first saw her and very scared of humans.

The little dots in her right ear are a tatoo.

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Human pee at the void-deck

Whenever I go feeding the cats I will surely come across a human that has not been toilet-trained…sometimes more than one and always male. They will usually go behind the pipes at the void-deck, sometimes in pairs.

Yesterday it happened at block *19 in area 1. I usually try to embarrass the Urinators by telling them off. I also told this man that there is a coffee shop and toilet just across the car park. Mumbling something about having a stomachache, he hurried back to his bicycle and rode off.

I wonder what else can be done…the cats may be getting blamed for the stench.

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Cat poo on the roof

Some time ago there was a complaint about ”too many cats at blk *46 area 3″. This was shortly after our MP visited this block…so Sylvia and myself were already keeping a watchful eye on the notice board. This time however CWS was informed and we were given a chance to solve the problem.

I went down to look and see what the problem might be…since there has been a significant drop in the number of cats at this block and all the cats are sterilised. Some had moved to another nearby area and 2 were hit by cars and died.

While walking along the 2nd floor corridor I noticed the complainant was in, so I approached her to find out more. I also noticed she had placed a piece of cardboard behind her gate. There was no sign of cat feeding or defecation on the common corridor.

The lady told me that the problem was actually cat poo on the roof which runs around several blocks and covered walkways, connecting them. She said the poo was only cleared just before the MP’s visit.

I gave her my contact number and said I would come down to remove the poo if it happens again and meanwhile would try to solve the problem by sprinkling crushed moth balls.

Sylvia happened to have a roll of plastic mesh so we also offered to put it up for her so she could do away with the troublesome cardboard.. She was pleased with the result.

A few days later we noticed 2 lumps of poo on the roof just outside her unit. We managed to wash away one of the lumps by carefully pouring a few bottles of water and dislodge the other one with a piece of wire attached to a long bamboo pole.

Later we saw one of the cats sitting on the opposite roof which is the building where the Town Council office is. There is a window at the staircase landing which is usually left open at night. So now we knew how the cat went up. We have since taken turns to close the window every night and there has been no further incidence so far.

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Ginger Girl sterilised and Spicy’s turn tomorrow

The shy Ginger Girl finally ate some Fussy Cat..will keep her 2 more days.

Picked up Spicy yesterday night after feeding all the cats. She is a very friendly kitten…so I am quite surprised that she refuses to eat. Gave her the Nutri-Gel and will force-feed her tonight if she is still not eating on her own. She will be sterilised tomorrow.

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Sammy for Adoption

Sammy aka Tak Tak Dei is a very handsome Siamese cross. Quiet and easy-going…a perfect lap cat. He is about one year old and has been sterilised.

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Dumping Season?

4 young cats were dumped at a power station a few weeks back…3 boys and one girl. The girl looks about 5 months old but she is rolling about a lot… so I will get her sterilised this week. She looks very cute…will call her Spicy.

Yesterday, 2 kittens were dumped at a bin center. They are only about 4 months old…beautiful gingers. They were still there today and left water and dry food behind. Looks like Shredder and Muddy don’t mind having them in their territory…

Another ginger girl was also dumped there some time ago. She is about 6 months old and I managed to catch her today for tomorrow’s sterilization slot. Have not found a name for her yet…

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Silver, Old Ginger, Sandy and Rocky

At last Silver has found a good and loving home! Hope she will soon get along well with the 3 other feline family members. For the time being she has her own big double-story cage with hammock.

Old Ginger is recovering well…a few more days and he can be released back.

Sandy is now acting more like her old self. The Tail seems broken though…it has now a kink in the middle. I didn’t notice any smell so hopefully it is healing. I tried to mix a Vibravet tablet in her food…but she didn’t eat it. Will get some Clavulox tomorrow and try again.

Rocky has been fighting again. The puncture wounds at his ears are healing but the one on his forehead looks infected and there is a smell. I think he needs to take a course of antibiotics in addition to the antibiotic powder.

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Videoclip of Light Pearl and Black Pearl

This videoclip was taken by Vegancatsg :

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Sandy injured

Old pic of Sandy

Sandy would always race me to the feeding spot together with Pebble and Onyx…and will whack either one if they come to close. She hardly eats any food though…preferring the fried fish that ‘drops from heaven’.

I didn’t see her for almost 2 weeks until a few days ago…but she ran into the drain before I could have a closer look. Yesterday she came sniffed at the food and then ran off when another cat approached. I noticed that there was a bulge at the middle of her tail. Could be an abscess from a catfight wound. Her behavior has changed…she was always aggressive towards other cats…now she is frightened.

All I can do is to observe her and hope she will recover on her own…if she gets week and looses weight I will call Mohan and he will try and net her.

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