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This six-armed Mahakala is an emanation of Avalokiteshvara the Buddha of compassion,

indicating the wrathful and protective qualities of compassion.

“Compassion is not always soft, gentle and supportive… sometimes it requires the fierce and brave heart of a warrior. The enemies of any Buddhist practitioner are the ignorance, narcissism, and mental afflictions in his or her own mind. The successful practitioner utterly destroys these inner enemies.?

From “The Lost Art of COMPASSION? by Lorne Ladner Ph.D.

This book offers ten methods for cultivating compassion. One of them is facing impermanence….

Every meeting will end in parting, every accumulation will be dispersed eventually, and every birth will end in death. In any given moment, everything inside of and around us is changing. Our thoughts and feelings flow on in an unceasing stream of consciousness. The air invisibly swirls around us and rushes into and out of our chests. Subatomic forces interact, electrons spin, molecules collide, and thousands of neurons fire in each blink of our eyes. As our planet spins around a sun that circles the center of a galaxy and flies away from other galaxies, our blood keeps rushing through our veins for as long as our hearts keep pumping.

Direct observation and analysis reveal a world that is made up of utterly impermanent, infinitely complex, interdependent events… And yet , we assume that we exist in a certain way – separate, solid, permanent and real. This illusion is a huge obstacle to compassion.

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Another fight?

Rocky has 2 puncture wounds on his front paw ‘thumb’… looks infected.

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Remembering Shakib

Bala said it perfectly:

Lovely Man

Fantastic Personaslity

Spirit as Large as the Giant Kites he flew….

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Garbage Enzymes

First heard about this during a Buddhist talk some time ago but I was not able to put it into action because did not have the detailed instructions.

Found these very useful websites:

Can’t wait to get started….

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Repressed anger?

I wonder, how do we know it when we have really accepted the things that cannot be changed, like old age, sickness and death…when we have really let go of anger and fear… not just repressed it?

I thought that I was becoming more calm and accepting…anger seemed to pass quickly and thoughts of things to be grateful for would come to my mind.

When the back pain started I was cursing it for just a moment then thoughts of gratefulness appeared. I am grateful that the pain is still bearable and for the fact that I had been pain-free for such a long period! Then I had a nightmare… being robed, betrayed and about to be killed…which made me wonder, are those feelings still there but repressed from consciousness? Repressed anger could be the cause of nightmares, depression or even backache. Guess I will just have to keep learning and practicing until I get it right…

Hm… perhaps thinking too much about ‘poor me’ 🙂

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German Government encourages less meat consumption

German Government encourages less meat consumption to reduce global warming

A January article has reported that Government Agencies in Germany are asking their citizens to cut down meat consumption to cut down green house gases 🙂 2009/jan/ 23/german- diet-meat- environment

Extracts of the report is as such:

Germany’s federal environment agency has issued a strong advisory for people to return to prewar norms of eating meat only on special occasions and otherwise to model their diet on that of Mediterranean countries.

Germans are among the highest meat consumers in Europe, obtaining around 39% of their total calorie intake from meat and meat products, compared with 25% in Italy.

“We must rethink our high meat consumption,” said Andreas Troge, president of the UBA, the government’s advisory body on environmental issues.

“I recommend people return to the Sunday roast and to an orientation of their eating habits around those of Mediterranean countries.”

Speaking on the sidelines of Berlin’s Grüne Woche (Green Week), one of the world’s largest agricultural exhibitions, he said agriculture was responsible for around 15% of Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions and meat production was the most energy-intensive form of farming. With that in mind, he suggested that reducing meat consumption was a logical step forward.

Troge cautioned that not only is meat production energy intensive, the methane gas emitted by cattle and the nitrous oxide produced by their dung, which farmers often leave in the fields from where it enters the atmosphere, also harms the environment.

Findings by the World Wildlife Fund also supports the claim that meat production is environmentally damaging. In its recent Living Planet report it said that a single kilogramme of beef requires 16,000 litres of water, taking into account a three-ye
ar lifespan for a cow, the grain it eats in its lifetime, and the water it drinks. “

Be Veg, Go Green, Save the Planet

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Billy Boy found!

I was probably not the only one who had a sleepless night and worried all day. Finally found him at around midnight after making several rounds. Sylvia who had searched for him earlier was also very relieved. I can sense that he was happy to be back… slept and ate and lost that fearful look.

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