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Trust betrayed

I went to town for a free student haircut with a fellow caregiver today… to relax and be pampered for 2 hours…or so I thought. Ended up spending the whole time on the phone…my friend had to give the instructions on what to do with my hair because I was more concerned about getting a cat back from AVA.

A few days ago another caregiver IK had messaged me that the town council said there were complaints about caterwauling and too many cats at the bin center of this area:

She checked the area and agreed to sterilise the cats after one of the feeders (the owner of the hairdressing salon) offered to pay for the vet fees. She sent an email to inform TC.

Today IK smsed that the pest control came this morning. Luckily the hairdresser had noticed and managed to get the cat released. The caregiver called her property officer, who denied having called in the pest control ! Saying that they are only trying to trap one black cat which defecates on the common corridor.

AVA confirmed that they had an unsterilised cat from that area. The cat was caught by the TC’s Pest Control service yesterday.

I advised IK to go down to AVA… I had learned my lesson on betrayal the hard way. Penny also went down to assist and support… while I spoke to the property manager, who first told me the same story about trying to trap only that particular black cat until I confronted him with the fact that the trapped non-black cat is at AVA right now. Then he said there was a complaint and he had to be fair. Okay, so the complainant (who sent some emails without even giving his address to tc) is promptly served. The caregiver, also a resident of that area, is not even told the truth that the cats are being trapped.. Is that a way to treat people who spent much time and money to control the cat population in a humane way. When I requested for a letter to be sent to AVA the TC manager even suggested “to let this one go”. I said ” No Way!” IK said the same thing when I told her.

In the end the cat was micro-chipped at AVA because of miscomunication between Penny and myself… I had assumed she would request for TC letter. IK had to pay $80 before the cat was handed over to her. She will get him sterilised tomorrow with the help of SPCA voucher from Penny and then release him in a safer area. She will still make arrangements to get the remaining cats sterilised.

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Fern had vomited out what I syringed this morning… maybe I gave her too much. She is still dehydrated. I will have to bring her to the vet if there is no improvement soon. Had also started her on antibiotics.

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Named her Fern

Will she be able to survive like this little fern on the wall?

If only the people who had done this to her could see her suffering feel her fear…

Fern has become very thin. How may times I have walked all the corridors in search for her… but still couldn’t find her… days without food.

Now she seems to have settled in one place, hiding behind flowerpots …. just too frightened to stay downstairs.

Fern still refuses to eat but she lets me syringe-feed her.

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New Abandonees

The calico went again up to the 7th floor. This time she went into the flat and hid under the bed… she came out when I called her. Brought her back downstairs to the same corner and she ate some dry food… refused to eat the Fussy Cat tuna. She looks thin…

Also saw the other two abandonees again and fed them. One is a Russian Blue type probably a male as he has some scars, his eyes are watery… maybe flu. The other one is a young cat or older kitten, very pretty, large circular patterns and white paws… but malnourished. There is also a new Persian-x around… must be a home cat as he is never hungry… will be difficult to trap him for sterilisation.

Saw a tame female on my way to area 2. when I felt her tummy to see if she is pregnant or nursing kittens, I felt a broken rib… must be an old injury as there was no pain.

I have no more vouchers for this month as Penny needed my last two for two pregnant cats from an area with no caregiver, one of them suspected to be a home cat.

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This Body is not me

This body is Not me

This body is not me.

I am not limited by this body.

I am life without boundaries.

I have never been born and I have never died.

Look at the ocean and the sky filled with stars,

manifestations from my wondrous true mind.

Since before time, I have been free.

Birth and death are only doors through which we pass,

Sacred thresholds on our journey.

Say good-bye, to meet again soon.

We meet today.

We will meet again tomorrow.

Birth and death are a game of hide- and seek.

So laugh with me,

hold my hand,

let us say good-bye,

We will meet at the source every moment.

We meet each other in all forms of life.

~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Chanting and Recitations from Plum Village. Page 188.

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Irresponsible owner… and more abandonings

I had arranged with the son of the Chinese family staying on the second floor to wire mesh the window facing the corridor, the mother had approved. When I came with the mesh today the father refused and threatened to throw the kitten if it causes so much trouble. In the end he allowed me to fix the mesh to the kitchen window instead.

Saw two more new abandonees …they came out to finish the left-overs after the community cats had their fill. I left some food behind for them…both are very shy.

Now listening to the Heart Sutra my mind is at peace and I breathe easily…

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Champ and Charles

Trapped the two remaining kittens today, Champ seems already very comfortable while Charles is still a little nervous.

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