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Champ gender-confused?

Photo-update from adopter:

My jaw dropped when the adopter informed me that Champ is a female (verified by vet)!

Unless Champ had a sex-change operation…I think there is no way around it…must be me never noticing the missing ding-dongs. I did wonder why the two brothers grew bigger than Champ…

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Champ & Chester let down by adopter and new abandonee found

The tiny orange kitten is only about one month plus, hungry, dehydrated and with a sore eye. Penny agreed to take him in as Tabby Boy had been adopted. Penny applied the eye ointment and he is ok now.

Last week this person still assured me that he will definitely take Chester & Champ… just wants me to hold them for one more week as he is busy with a project. Well, no reply to my sms since….

Fern has started sneezing and one eye is a little watery… giving her lysine.

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Champ & Charles

Champ, the leader, first one up the tree and into the basket 🙂 Hope that Charles will find a good home, too.

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A lazy afternoon and visit from adopter

Adopter came to visit and decided to give Champ and Chester a home with meshed windows 🙂

Will keep them a few more days because they still have a bit of loose stool. Apart from that they are back to their normal playful selves 🙂 The vet advised to give yogurt to built up the good bacteria after the course of antibiotics. Two of them need to be syringed while the third one takes the yogurt straight from the bowl.

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Champ and Charles

Trapped the two remaining kittens today, Champ seems already very comfortable while Charles is still a little nervous.

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