Ike has a fever

He feels hot and breathes quite fast… Was the the Frontline and de-worm too much for him? Sponged him with a wet cloth. He has still good appetite but also still loose stool. Started him on antibiotics… using small amount (0.1ml) of Stoney’s Amoxillin and Clavu suspension.


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  1. Awww… poor lad, get well soon baby.

  2. Little Ike chalked up a quite a big medical bill today…lot’s more of meds for him. Not only has he a fever, he also still has fur mites, and ear mites and skin fungus… and diarrhoea. A third antibiotic (metro) was added and dosage increased to 0.3ml. He is heavier than I thought… almost one kg. Maybe the amount of Frontline and de-worm was not enough (should be a quarter tablet for his size).

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