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Twisty found

Old pic of Twisty aka Peony

Twisty was lost for about a week. M found her today at a market area (close to where Rocky was found). She is dehydrated, vomiting and has diarrhoea! Poor Twisty must have eaten all kind of rubbish…. She is now in M’s care.

Rex also had diarrhoea when found… he is ok now and I will bring him for sterilization tomorrow.

Thinking of poor Roxy… who likely also was removed by some heartless and cruel person!

Saw Sophus yesterday… his tail looked limp and he growled when I touched it. Will have to take him in if not better tomorrow… sigh!

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Coco sterilised

Storeroom turned Recovery Center

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Jade not well

Jade seemed a bit off at the last feeding and then yesterday she felt warm and was also weak and not eating.

Twisty has settled and is less noisy now. Took off the collar because she was coughing a lot.

If I have to take Damy in, then need to stack up cages in the bathroom…

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Twisty discharged

Now I have stereo “Twisty & Rocky” 🙂

Twisty has 5 deep bite wounds at her back, close to each other.

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Twisty, Darky, Rose

Twisty aka Peony was injured and needed to be stitched (5 deep bite wounds).

M brought her to the vet. Tommy is the suspected culprit.

Darky was finally revolutionized yesterday.

Rose was locked in the Pump Room (probably since yesterday morning).

She was released at 1am.

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Timmy and Twisty

Timmy has a tail injury. The lower part of his tail was quite limp for the past few days but today it’s much better. I think I overdid the powder a little 🙂

Twisty was already tipped when she appeared in Timmy & Tommy’s area. She is no longer skinny… in fact she looks heavily pregnant 🙂

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