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Betty missing for 2 days

Just hope she is alright and will be back….

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Update on various community cats

Little Princess was revolutionized…twice! I used the one for kittens up to 2.5kg and she continued scratching after that. 2x Revolution for Kittens is still less than one dose for adult cats.

Benny seems to be alright and has settled at block *30 in area 1. His wounds have healed…and no new ones. The other day Dirty Harry was growling at him…

I have finally come up with suitable names for the 3 motherless kittens (all boys). The one with the straight tail is Timmy, the one with the circular tail is Tommy and the one with a semi-circle tail is Tummy. He is also the one who likes tummy-rubs the most :).

Betty was released yesterday night…because she was hardly eating anything. Managed to apply some powder today.

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Betty was sterilised today

Betty, a recent abandonee from blk *23 area 1, is the last one for this month. This pretty calico was very shy at first so I waited a few weeks. Yesterday she was lifted into the carrier without problem.

Donna has been released and has us worried as she keeps hiding in the deep drain. She did come out and ate her food last night…but this morning and afternoon again no sight of her… and there was heavy rain.

Greyee’s wound is quite dry so I hope it will heal in time without him having to go to hospital again. He will be going to Phyllis’ cattery tomorrow…

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