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There is always someone worse off….

Hope that I will be able to let go of all the community cats before it comes to the breaking point. The home cats depend on me…

But I believe Penny has it even worse…so many sick cats, one has skin cancer and now she tells me that the mother of the 5 kittens (rescued from area with no caregiver after residents complained to TC) has kidney problems…

The one-eye mother cat

…with the foster kitten that didn’t make it


And Penny is broke – unable to work because taking care of the sick cats.

Anyone able to help Penny with the vet expenses please contact her at 98556410

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Unkind Humankind

Old photo of Big Head (2006)

I have received several complaints from Town Council… some problems are in areas with no caregivers and about free-roaming home cats. We still try to help and talk to those irresponsible owners.

Then I get an email that someone complained that there are “a lot of stray cats” in one of our well-managed areas. The complainant pointed out 4 black cats and one tabby (actually there are only 3 black cats, one of them being Big-Head). He wants them removed because “they go to the void deck, are under cars and on top of cars and go to the playground”. TC gave me a deadline of Dec. 11 to “solve the problem”.

These 5 cats have been there for years and Sylvia who passes this area in the morning and also feeds the cats at night says she never saw them on the playground or the void deck of this particular block. I think TC has informed the complainant that these are sterilized community cats… now there is suddenly a complaint that a car had been scratched! The complainant asking TC to pay for the damage.

This is the area where the then RC chairman wanted the cats removed because he claimed “they shat on his car”. In that same area we once had a lady who claimed a cat would follow her… the cat was actually a very shy one who would run away from strangers! I guess some people are not beyond exaggerations and lies when they want the cats removed.

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Is this ethical!

Feeder asks a caregiver to rescue and sterilize cats at her friend’s working place at Senoko. She asked the caregiver to release the sterilized cat at blk *17 Area 2 where she is feeding.

I strongly objected when I came to know about this! This is the area where many cats have been lost due to relocated by pest control! told her that I never even considered releasing the 3 Novena kittens (Fruits) in one of my areas… as I think it would be unethical.

By “saving” this one cat , the caregiver may indirectly kill many others! Old Lora could be the next victim of relocation… then what good did she do???

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Town Council & Caregivers Meeting

The meeting lasted almost 4 hours…. mostly going over old issues again.

I was very disappointed with responses from AVA and NEA representatives. The AVA spokeswoman sees nothing wrong with loaning traps …. even if someone traps more than 300 cats to be killed, like Mr. Tony Tan from Seletar “who is actually not the bad guy that he is made out to be?.

Isn’t he luring the cats into his garden in the first place by placing food in a trap???

The spokesman from NEA said that rinsing water bowl was not good enough; they have to be scrubbed to remove mosquito eggs.

Hmmm… mosquitoes breeding in fresh chlorinated tap water? Even if there were eggs they would still not have a chance to grow into mosquitoes as long as the bowls are rinsed before refilling with clean water.

Equally unreasonable is the rule that food must be attended to at all times… there should be a grace period of perhaps half an hour before clearing the food. For me it will take about 5 to 15 mins before returning to clear the plates and moving on to the next area.

One TC Manager suggested that we feed earlier so that the cleaners can clear in case feeders happen to forget to for some reason. That would just cause more problems, with the cats being more visible, and then who would clear up after the ghost feeders at night… if not us? It would be worse!

A summary by J:

“I will say it is fruitful, but what will actually happen in the end, only God knows.

In Ang Mo Kio’s group, there are about-20 odd cat lovers, including CWS president. AVA and NEA are present with an observer status though they’ve made some comments during the meeting. I believe we’ve reiterated our stance to the TC General Manager, Mr Goh, and to abide by the agreement – We had a similar meeting with the General Manager before during which only me and wo other caregivers could speak English. The rest were elderly aunties. As a result, we didn’t create enough presence and voices to make ourselves clear on the opposition against the removing and killing of both sterilized and non-sterilized cats.

I repeat our stance that no cats are to be removed – be they sterilized or non- sterilized. If there is any complaint, they will refer to a caregiver from the list (with addresses, tel nos and email addresses) given to them at the meeting which a copy is CC to CWS. Town council can also contact CWS directly for reference and help.

Another issue is the 7-day time frame set by the Town council regarding pick-ups. If the cat is not attended to, T.C. will refer it to another body like AVA. But we ask them to issue reminders as initial msg may be missed by the recipient. They agree.

We take the opportunity to feedback to AVA on their extremely cruel policies, to let them known how we feel about them. We cite for example in Greece, the government doesn’t kill cats. They solve the stray issue humanely – through sterilization. We also mention about the Russian animal rights groups who protest to the Gahmen against the killing of stray dogs.

We also voice against AVA of their cat-trap policy. A complainer can simply explore the legal loophole for his/her convenience. The trapped animal can be subjected to abuse. The spokeswoman cites rules and regulation as a rebuttal. She even denies an AVA van is seen in Ang Mo Kio doing its round.

The law says it’s crime to abuse animals. But the AVA spokeswoman has not answered as to why AVA can inject lethal chemicals to large numbers of animal every year. I insist the law needs a clearer interpretation.

As there isn’t time to continue, I ask for a separate meeting with AVA. The AVA spokeswoman agrees to it. They will liaise with CWS on the date. The next meeting with AVA is an important one. We want to appeal to the Gahment to reinstate the Stray Cat Rehabilitation Scheme, a process which all unsterilized cats are placed at the community clubs and thereafter, they are transported to AVA for sterilization.?


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The difficulty of working with other caregivers

The problem is that we all are already stressed to the limit… so tempers fly easily.

Yes, I am a little sensitive… and my usual coping mechanism is to simply retreat into my shell when hurt by people close to me. I know that the anger is due to their own frustration but sometimes I do not feel strong enough to be at the receiving end.

Hmmm…need to do some reflection. Am I very unforgiving or unfair by retreating instead of speaking up and setting limits?

One caregiver was angry and frustrated with CWS and then demanded that I call them as her phone-bill is already very high. I will not do such thing, as I know they are all just volunteers who are also working.

Then there was a miscommunication with another caregiver… If I had known that they would trap the noisy cat at 6am then I would have taken him in straight away but I didn’t see the sms until later in the morning.

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Caregiver with serious illness needs your help

A caregiver has been recently diagnosed with serious illness and is no longer able to afford to feed cats as her medical expenses are piling up.

She travels daily from Toa Payoh to feed cats at East Coast Beach, former Big Splash. Despite her condition and financial constraint, she’s still travelling there without fail to feed them daily.

I’m appealing for your help. She needs 4 big bags of 10kg dry and 120 cans a month – please help if you can, nothing is too little for her.

Madam Zhang is contactable at 6358 2753. You can send food directly to her at Blk 161, TPY Lorong 1 #11-1596 – pls ensure that your supplier calls her first to make sure she’s home. She’s a real nice lady!

Thank you!

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Two 19kg bags of “F” brand dry food

The Lady form Shanghai, Ms Lu, had ordered them to be delivered to the Auntie’s home. She is probably not aware that we all avoid the “F” and “W” brands as they are really bad for the cats in the long run, as the high salt content can lead to kidney problems. There are already many residents who feed the cats with these two brands. So at least we caregivers must not feed them with unhealthy junk food.

An exchange was not possible, so with the approval of the Shanghai Lady, we gave one of the bags to Mohan for some poor feeders. Mohan assured us that as an occasional snack it wont do much harm but not on a regular basis. I will order a bag of APD for the Auntie. Ms Lu even offered to reimburse me. I have also just changed from Prism brand to Advanced Pet Diet and find that the community cats like it better.

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