Darly hospitalized at Mt. P.

Darly is in grave condition… the vet suspects infection by mycobacteria. They are doing a culture to identify the bacteria.

The wound seemed to be healing and he had been eating on his own and taking the meds… looked bright… then today I noticed pus not only oozing from the wound but also from other parts of his belly! As Dr Girisha Lakhiani (aka Dr. G.) from Mt Pleasant Vet Center explained, the layer under the skin has been infected and the infection is spreading… most probably caused by mycobacteria. She compared it to human leprosy. They are going to open the stitches and put him on drip. Darly will need several surgeries… if he responds to treatment.

The other option would be PTS… but I want to let him have a chance even if it is a small one. His eyes look bright and he can sit up and eat! Even the vet commented that Darly is a very good-natured cat!


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  1. If the vet suggested pts even though Darli looks bright at this time round, I would usually interpret it as he is already giving up on treating Darli. Helga, if you personally know this vet, let him/her aware of how far you want to go with Darli. πŸ™‚

  2. Vet didn’t suggest PTS… I have confidence that she will do her best! .Just me wondering… am I doing the right thing or just make him suffer more? I really don’t know how far to go… guess I will take it day by day. Will visit Darly tomorrow.

  3. If his physical pain is too much to bear and the mind is affected (can be seen in the eyes), the consciousness will leave by itself. Yes, just observe him day by day. 😦

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