Waiting for response…

Waiting for Darly’s response to the antibiotics… it still can go either way!

He had been eating this morning, so they will probably remove the drip soon. The wound is dressed with honey. Again, the vet showed me pictures… not a pretty sight! It is really amazing that he looks so lively, is eating and even stretches out his chin when stroked… while his body is in such terrible condition! Dr. G says that she is waiting for some shrinkage and to be able to tell what tissue is dead and which is still alive… before cutting away.

Thanks to the kind people who have been helping financially and gave me encouragement! A friend who wants to remain anonymous sponsored the whole AAVC bill! Two others gave $100 and $30 respectively towards Darly’s medical bill at Mt Pleasant. Dr. G. estimated the total bill may come up to $2000 plus…

Will worry about that later… what needs to be done needs to be done first!


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