Donna gone missing

Have not seen Donna for more than a week…

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0 responses to “Donna gone missing

  1. The newly sterilized highly pregnant female from Block *27 also disappeared. She looked fine when I saw her the last time. The wound had healed well. I can just hope the person who abandoned her took her back. Was told that a volunteer who helped with the survey decided to take in one of the older cats from *28 …but I am not sure which cat that is.

  2. Could she have been relocated to another block? No harm checking with AVA though 🙂

  3. Didn’t see Socks and Dan yesterday!

  4. Oh dear, what’s happening? After all the assurance that there will be no culling; now the cats have gone missing 😦

  5. Socks and Dan were just not turning for feeding that day. Both are fine.

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