Cats can’t scratch cars!

Dawn fell off the fridge yesterday. My fault, because I disturbed her by opened the freezer door. She got up and placed her back paw where the door was supposed to be… lost her balance and started sliding down back first and desperately trying to cling to the top of the fridge with her front paws. Her claws are long and sharp.. not trimmed!

Out of curiosity I checked the fridge… not a single scratch in the smooth and shiny surface! So don’t tell me cats can scratch cars!

By the way, Dawn is fine. I managed to slow her slide a little by pressing my body against her… could probably have grabbed her by the front paws but that might have injured her as she is a heavyweight!

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0 responses to “Cats can’t scratch cars!

  1. She was in front of u and u didnt even catch her? Hmmm….she’s a fatty and her legs can’t take her weight!

  2. Next time i need a witness, i bring you with me to the TC :)))))))))

  3. Mary, anytime :)Blessed, her slide was successfully slowed down…

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