Pinky waiting for his new home to be ready

The adopters came to view Pinky … and they liked him. Now waiting for the Le Gate window grills to be installed. Went back to pick up Pinky after my feeding round to keep him safely indoors until his new home is ready.


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  1. Pinky has flu… sigh! It is not very bad but I have started him on antibiotics and Lysine… as I have no way to isolate him!

  2. Ya, I think it’s a very mild case, no worries šŸ™‚ He vomited the antibiotics so I decided not to give as he really doesn’t need it. It’s just me freaking out at the thought of flu spreading to 20 cats. Pinky is very well behaved and so cute… really love him alot šŸ™‚ Pamper him with kitten kibbles and Liver-chicken feast. He is eating well. Just heard from another caregiver that there was a “crazy woman” who used to beat him! So glad he is safe now… he is too friendly and trusting to be out there!He uses the litter tray :)Will delay, deworming, Frontline and claw clipping until next week… to let him fully recover first.

  3. Thank you Helga, so happy for Pinky šŸ™‚

  4. Such a good boy… and so quiet and contented! He is still caughing sometimes… if not I would let him out of the cage to mingle.

  5. nice! thanks so much for taking care of him! but do let me know if you think he’s not getting better & goto bring him to vet??

  6. No worry, eyes and nose look fine, and he is playful, good appetite… no need for vet šŸ™‚

  7. we’ll be away tonight be back on 28th but grilles only up on 9 oct . Meanwhile, appreciate your care over him! šŸ˜‰

  8. Remember to choose the 2 inch version…3 inch not save! That would be the same size as the ordinary window grill I am having… which needs to be meshed!

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