New young male cat at *29 and complaint at *27

Clean soft fur, scared but tame… clearly a case of abandoned home cat. Saw him between *28 and *29… so hungry!

Kiki has been released today. The new Burmese kitten is now less shy. One of her eyes looked a bit watery… asked Sylvia to keep an eye on it and let me know if it gets worse. If she is ok then i will get her sterilized next week.

The cleaning supervisor told me about a complaint that a cat is going up to the 3rd floor at *27. The complainant has phobia of cats. She said that the cats (Cloudy and another young cat or kitten) used to hide behind the flower pots. Now she has moved them closer together and has covered the gaps between the pots. She will try the vinegar, mothballs and spray bottle method to discourage the cats from going up. Told her to let me know if she sees anyone feeding upstairs… once someone had placed cat food right in the middle of the corridor outside her unit.


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  1. I just don’t understand how people abandon their cats or any other pet for that matter… do these people have no conscience? Do they have no empathy? Do they not think about this cat that would sit on their laps and rub on their legs and meow for affection? Do they not think oh maybe my cat is hungry or maybe another cat is being mean to my cat or maybe it is being abused… I just don’t understand. It’s scary to think that people can live with a creature that adores them and they can form no bond or feelings for this creature. What kind of world do we live in that we can be surrounded by such people?

  2. Probably pre-festive abandonment…

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