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Adding Insult to Injury

Bubu and Thor are missing from block *26 and King from the adjacent block. These 3 cats went missing after the latest incident when TC officer went around the area with Pest Controllers and trap, supposedly for the purpose of taking photographs and counting cats. 2 home cats went missing and later they admitted that one cat was caught… but later released.

I am still grieving the loss of these 3 cats… Bubu was sterilized more than 2 years ago.

Pinky is also from Block *26. He was adopted recently.

Snoopy too, is from *26 and now safely in my home. And Ms Lim from Town Council can still accuse me that I bring in cats!!!

Now there is only Bibi left at *26 and the two quite new ones, Star and Squealer.

I also came to know that there is a cat abuser staying on the 2nd floor. Residents saw her chasing after the cats and beating them. I put up posters requesting for witnesses to come forward and was surprises that the posters actually stayed up… they would usually be torn down the very next day… probably because there is now a new officer in charge of this area.

Today I received an email about “cat activities” at this very Block.. that ghost feeders would place food at the void deck and 2nd floor corridor. I didn’t notice any left-overs at the void deck during my feeding, neither did I see anything that day when placing the appeals for witnesses under the doors of the 2nd floor units.

Of course as usual, the complainant was not revealed.

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The King is missing

The Malay feeder also has not seen him for about a week. Jacky is no longer hiding under cars and Judy, Blackie Girl and Whitie Girl also look relaxed…a clear sign that King is no longer around.

Hope King is well wherever he is!

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The Terror King

King is terrorizing the cats at 3 blocks… everyone runs when they see him!!

Jacky is limping, his left front leg swollen… and I am quite sure who did it! And today while poor Jacky was eating his food King quietly sneaked up on him and chased him into the drain… nothing I could do.

Will observe Jacky and wait… he would be difficult to cage and medicate.

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Two more cats missing

Jacky’s daughter Whitie Girl is missing for 3 days now! Whitie Girl is all white except for a black patch at the right ear and the last two third of her tail is also black.

Whitie Girl with her mother Judy

King, who was sterilised only one months ago, has not been seen for 2 days. He is also form the same area.


Another cat “Lau-Hei” had been missing from Area 3 (which is under the same TC). He was found after 3 weeks… in the eastern part of Singapore!

Rocky was found relocated to another part of the estate and found after one month!

Jacky was found at the bus interchange after 2 months!

What is going on here?!

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King to be neutered

This newcomer has now moved to blk *25 where Jacky and Windy left a vacuum (Windy aka Orangee has been adopted)

Named him King and hoping that Judy, Blackie Girl, Whitie Girl and Prince will accept him.

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The new cat at Area 1

He is friendly… but fighting with the other males.

His face looks like Dirty Harry.

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