Was Snoopy a victim of abuse?


Now only it dawns to me that Snoopy was probably a victim of the abuser! She is from her corner and I believe that she was also going upstairs at that staircase as she was sometimes not around during feeding but has never wandered to any other locations.

In Dec ’09 Snoopy went missing for a week and was then found with blood dripping from her mouth and blood stains all over her body… probably because of licking herself. She also had some kind of lower back injury as she had difficulties getting up. I had always suspected that she was hit by a car but coming to think of it… it seems more likely that her injuries stem from being hit on the head and back! A car would hit either front or back but not both!

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  1. This explains her fear upon release… hiding under cars and in the drain … which led me to taking her back for good. Snoopy is the most sweet-natured cat… actually more like a dog. Whenever I stop stroking her she will start licking my hand.

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