Lala has been adopted

Took her in for viewing yesterday and today she went to her new home with an existing 9-year-old Persian cat. Lala is only about 7 months old, which means that she will be quite a large cat when fully grown.

Snoopy has been released back yesterday. She gave a short high-pitched scream when she exited the carrier… and then went under a car. I feel very guilty for throwing her back on the street after all she went through. She was perfectly at home at my place, mixed with all the home cats with no trouble at all….

Ike and Oki will also have to be released soon…

This is so heartbreaking !!!


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0 responses to “Lala has been adopted

  1. I ended up with 31 because I can’t bear to release them back to the streets. They are all free to roam inside my house.

  2. Lucky cats! Great that they can all get along! Mine are now separated into groups but still frequent fighting. How I wish I could take in more…. Snoopy and Jade would be the first! However considering my unstable situation it would be irresponsible.

  3. Lala looks abit like my Amber. Poor Snoopy.

  4. Now it’s poor Lala :(Saw Snoopy yesterday she is fine and ate but I was very tempted to take her back because she seems to stay under the cars all the time…

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