Stoney & Bunny

Stoney was found with a fractured jaw on Oct 15 ’09



Bunny was found on Dec 11 ’09 with fractured jaw, broken upper and lower palate and severely dehydrated.




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  1. May he has a forever home; may he find his loving karmic parents

  2. You done well!Just sharing (and I hope you dont have to use it) that I’ve tried using the powder formula from RC for tube feeding for Remy. No jamming at all! I’ll recommend this powdered formula than the H brand.

  3. Remy still not eating? For Bunny they fixed a longer feeding tube with the opening at the side of his body… and he never pulled it out.

  4. Stoney is now super-manja… a perfect companion and also friendly with other cats! Bunny is still a bit hissy but much improved. Have let him out of the cage yesterday and he is fine… sleeping on my bed with Stoney, Nush and Dawn.

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