Trying raw food

Stoney liked the raw chicken fillet

So did Sasha, Mirko, Orange Boy, Dawn, Rocky, Stitches, Ike, Oki and Snoopy.

Nushi, Ashley, Sky, Bunny, Peaches, Mango, Orange and Damy just sniffed and looked interested but didn’t touch it. Billy Boy sniffed, then licked and chewed a little but didn’t actually eat it.

Verdict: 10 cats liked raw chicken and 9 did not

The idea is getting the cats to eat raw chicken necks and occasionally liver and heart as these are parts not usually eaten by humans… thus not creating any additional demand for slaughter of chickens.

It’s probably true that eating raw flesh and bones are good for them… but then I don’t think I could actually bring myself to go the the wet marked to buy those chicken necks…


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  1. They have a raw cat food diet that is sold frozen here like this After my vet told me my 3 have to be on wet food only diets, I thought I would give this a try because I also read the benefits of raw diets but none of my cats would eat it, I tried several days in a row until I ended up wasting all the raw food, that was quite upsetting. Glad to hear that some of your kitties do like it, in the wild they would naturally eat raw food so it’s natural for them. Do keep us posted on how it goes!

  2. Meowies, of my three cats, the eldest is the most finicky. She, however, succumbs to hunger and she starts to eat it including the bone. Yes, the chicken thigh bones. She probably notices how the other 2 younger cats eat it. I buy 2-kg pack chicken thigh meat from supermarket. I thaw them in warm water for a few minutes before serving them. The preparation is a bit tedious but its good for them in the long run. Fyi, chicken necks are available in Supermarkets like Prime, Sheng Siong and etc.Jonela78> Yes, I saw the link on shirleywellness website. These raw meats are freeze-dried and then packed for sale. This looks good however it becomes pricey due to freight for overseas buyers.

  3. Congratulation! Out of my 20 plus only 1 kit like raw. I wont suggest to use hot water to thaw the frozen meat. The freshness might be compromised. Do check out AVA site on frozen meat there are some tips on thawing frozen meat. I would also make it a point to freeze the raw food before feeding them direct from market. I read some where that by freezing the meat it will kill some bateria.Also do be careful with too much meat. If too much meat, the stool will be runny and neck is a good meaty bone (and not too expensive) as it’s not one of those bone that need to support huge muscle (big bone) thus the smaller is sized (hopefully lesser risk).I got mine from market and I usually call the butcher to keep aside for me and $1 about 6-7 pcs (never really count). I also feed raw beef, prawns but not sotong.Do deworm them often on raw diet as I notice some western site didnt really mention. But in most western country the hottest weather still cooler than SG. I also give them yogurt (small tea spoon) or Yakult once a week so the living bateria could strengthen the big intestine in digesting the raw diet.

  4. Thank you all for your input šŸ™‚ Frozen raw cat-food is out because of cost. Jasywasy, read anout Sheng Siong Supermarkets here: could be an occasional treat… and yoghurt is a good thing too.I was thinking of freezing small prtions of bite-size bits and then let each portion defrost in the fridge over night…Usually I don’t deworm unless there is some evidence… Snoopy had tape-worm and now all clear after deworming her.

  5. Note I use the word “warm” as opposed to “hot”. I place the meat in the water with small fire (smallest flame) for a few minutes. My youngest kitty suffers seizure after eating chilled meat. I usually put them in the freezer straight after marketing. Bone is important source of calcium. We can use betel nut as a substitute for deworming. But it’s bitter so the amount to give has to be spread over a period of time. Yogurt is good for promoting strong digestive juice. Indian Lassi does not contain preservative and is highly recommended. It is available at Komala Villas fast food Indian restaurant.

  6. Meowies> Yes, Sheng Siong sells live fish. We can boycott them if we want to. I used to roll beef meat into a ball, place them into ziplog bag and transfer them into the freezer. Now I’ll just chop up the chicken thigh meat with a hammer and a scraper.

  7. Sorry, I also want to add it is important to cut up the meat before dipping it into the water as to make sure all parts of the meat are properly thawed.

  8. Both methods should be fine as long as the meat is not left out for long.Jonela, I am going to mix a little raw meat into the can food to win the rest of the cats over. Give it a try šŸ™‚

  9. Meowies, I’ll try to post a video on how the cats actually chew up the bone later if you don’t mind. šŸ™‚

  10. That’s not a bad idea, I’ll try that and see if they like it. I’ll let you know!

  11. Jasy – I’d love to see that too!

  12. Jo there is another option if the lot really not going to entertain you. Try this product call Honest Kitchen Again you got to introduce to them slowly as suggested by VM. For someone working and living alone this may work better for you and have the same good result.Found this link about yogurt check it out

  13. Thanks Natasha! I will have to check with my vet because he strictly gave me orders to not give them any dry food at all because of their previous UTI issues and I have to say that since I switched them to wet food only, they are very healthy now. I will check with my vet regarding that food but it definitely looks good!

  14. Ya, double check with the vet. Btw, the dehydrated raw food got to be moist with water before serving and you can add in raw meat if you still want to pursue pure raw diet.

  15. Jonela> Thanks, I’ll record it during the dinner time. It’s noon over here now. A month or two ago, I bought this vegetarian dog food and thought it could feed the cats when I reached home late or was unwell.

  16. Pauls plain yoghurt has live and active cultures… put a spoonful of it in a carton of unsweetened soya milk (Sobe)… shake and leave it out in a warm place over night … drizzle with gula melaka – yum! Soya yoghurt can replace yoghurt made from cows’ milk as it contains the same cultures. The lady who adopted my Peekaboo uses Prowl and the cats look very healthy but they do not really like it much… need to add treats or can food to make them eat it. Also I find that it will do no good for the teeth an gums as it is just another mush….

  17. Hello all, this is the video link. For some reason, my WMM software hangs whenever I try to save it so I can’t add music to this clip.

  18. Thanks for the video šŸ™‚ That will surely keep Amber’s teeth and gums healthy!I had not much success with my chicken necks. Chopped it up into small pieces but only Snoopy ate it eagerly. Rocky and Sasha ate one piece each I think…. the rest did not touch it at all. Of course I did not give it to the kittens and those with gum/teeth problems.

  19. You’re welcome. Amber didn’t show any interest in bones when I tried to get her to eat it when she was a few months old. It was not until recently that she started to eat it. My youngest kitty chewed them up like it was a normal thing to do. A case of copy cat for Amber. šŸ˜€ Goodness, my youngest kitty is restless. She is in heat now.

  20. As long as kittens are on solid, it’ll be fine to provide raw but make sure it’s close to room temp.

  21. Yes, no more chilled food.

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