Bunny & Stoney

Bunny is unable to close his mouth because the jaw shifted and he may need to have his incisors removed later on. From how the vet described the broken palate it must have been really very bad…

Stoney finally had his wire removed…

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  1. Warmest blessings to Helga, Stoney & Bunny ~ wishing Bunny a speedy recovery.. – geraldine

  2. Bunny will need a home, he looks thin here 😦

  3. Actually Stoney is worse because I think there is some brain damage… he is too quiet… there is some personality change. For Bunny the damage to the face is worse but I think his brain is not affected. Bunny is very thin but Stoney was the same after the operation.

  4. Brain damage – it’s ok to be too quiet but not to the extend of being wild and fierce like Sadhu. i was bitten by him 2 times and 1 time in trying to avoid that bite, sprained my ankle. Sadhu is very possessive of his room, pick fights with the cats that enters that room, pick fights with the cats that he meet when he is out in the hall, pick fights with me for no reasons and without warning; one moment he is all docile, the next moment he attack. i think his behaviour could be due to some bad incidents when he was living as a stray; either that, he too than could be suffering from ‘brain damage’ :). However he had better behave, if he should bite me once more, out to the street he returns.

  5. That is must be really difficult for you… time out in a cage won’t teach him? I have just returned Xiao Huang to Ivy as the wound is almost completely healed. So relieved… the constant fighting on the balcony and was worried that neighbours will complain.

  6. Sadhu has the whole common room to himself as i need to monitor his poo 🙂 The cage and a carrier is there for him to choose where he wants to sleep. He is not cage up. i want to believe if i can win over Sadhu trust; he should be as docile as Manja; after all, i too was bitten by Manja when he first arrived 🙂 Karma – our karma !

  7. Oh… he has his own room! Then it’s easier and no need to cage… just needs time and patience. Hope he will soon be as sweet as Manja 🙂

  8. Yeah lor, he has his own room to himself. The 4 monsters are now staying in the hall; but Sadhu does allow them into the room because initially they shared the same room. Sadhu is sweet in some ways; it’s just that sometimes he just ‘lost’ it 😦

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