Stoney relaxing

Dr. K gave Stoney a check-up before the sterilization and noticed the wire under his tongue. I then called up the vet hospital and was told that the wire was supposed be removed 2 weeks after surgery.

Now it’s already 1 1/2 months after surgery! I do not recall the vet saying to come back for removal of wire… I went twice for recheck consultation and was told to come back for tube removal in one to two weeks time. This was also stated on the receipt… no mention anywhere that the wire was to be removed (I had assumed that it was supposed to stay in place). Now poor Stoney has to go under GA for a third time!


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  1. It should be done free. It is already magnaminous not to ask for compensation for the silent suffering Stoney has experience. How would the vet like to have a wire under his tongue!? Threaten to file a complaint if a fee is to be charged!

  2. Yes, I will! Hope I can bring him somewhere next week. Bunny was supposed to go for re-check today but I couldn’t go…

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