A simple solution

No more rashes

October 2010

Nothing worked… tried all sorts of meds from the vet and even gave him melon juice and applied chinese herbs. Neither E-collar not long-sleeved shirt could stop him from licking or rubbing the sore until it bled.

Until a few weeks ago when I thought of changing his diet…. reducing the amount of fish! He still gets a little just for the taste but the bulk is now a chicken-based can-food. Improvement was almost immediately and the sore has now completely closed.

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  1. The sores look very familiar, like an allergy to a certain ingredient in the cat food. My cat is allergic to fish and seafood.. He used to get sores and really itchy skin.. And has been on Addiction canned food, Venison & Apples/Brushtail. You might want to try that one. For kibbles, you might want to try Natural Balance, duck and green peas. That is presuming, your cat is really allergic to fish and seafood just like my cat. Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. Thanks Chillicrap 🙂 Stoney is fine now. I just make sure that he doesn’t get too much fish in his diet and no tuna at all. For dry food I use those based on poultry.

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