Old Ginger has passed away

Rest in peace Old Ginger!

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0 responses to “Old Ginger has passed away

  1. Meowies really sorry to hear this 😦 Rest In Peace Old Ginger…Have a beautiful life at Rainbow Bridge..

  2. sorry to hear abt Old GingerMay u have a peaceful and happiness at Rainbow Bridge

  3. It was a beautiful passing on in the midst of being loved. Many beings, including human, do not have that “luxury” of a good death. She is gone but not gone 🙂 She is just no longer in a form of a cat and hopefully with all that beautiful energy of love she had received, she will flux into a beautiful being with a heart filled with great compassion and great wisdom.

  4. Rest In Peace Old Ginger, may you be born in a better realm soon.

  5. Thank you all….Old Ginger was buried in the early morning hours, near to another much -loved community cat.

  6. Thanks Meowies, Old Ginger will appreciate all the things that you have done for him and he will be good in ‘future’

  7. Rest in peace, Old Ginger. We’re sorry to lose you andhope it’s to a better life.

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