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Bo in the Basket

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Yeshe going “home” soon

Yeshe will probably be released in 2 weeks time. He is now sporting a tipped ear and looks so clean and handsome.

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Update on Yeshe

The stitches have been removed and he will be sterilised tomorrow.

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Update on Heidi and Yeshe

Did not bring her to the vet as I think the wounds can heal on their own with help of antibiotics. She can poo and pee and she is eating well.

A scab had formed on the nose but it came off. There are also injuries on her paw pads… and also some scabs came off but no bleeding or infection…

Noticed a lot of tiny black dots on the liner but I am quite sure that I applied the Revolution after she was sterilised…

Yeshe is doing well and doesn’t look so skinny anymore. He enjoys a treat of Tender Liver Feast whenever I visit. The open part of the wound getting smaller. The vet said that he will let it close on its own.

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Visited the hospitalized cat today

This cat needs a name…

The wound is healing but noticed that some part of the stitches have opened. They will re-stitch when he goes for the castration. The technician told me to be careful as he had escaped before and he had to get him from upstairs.

Hope the feeder will also come to visit him.

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Maggots removed and neck stitched

123 maggots were removed by the technician. The cat is weak but hopefully will make it. He will also be de-flead once he is more stabilised, and later sterilised. The feeder’s nephew kindly offered to settle the medical bill.

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