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Maxiejane brought Orangee to the vet

Orangee aka Windy had a big lump behind his ear…luckily not a tumor. It was filled with pus just like Rocky’s. Sorry, no photo of Orangee. He is in the care of Maxiejane now.

Maybe they fought with the same cat…could it be Joe? He keeps en-croaching into Rocky’s territory.

Rocky & Noisy Joe

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Maxiejane brought Windy to the vet

Windy aka Orangey had some sort of eye infection and his third eyelid covered part of his eye. She also took him in for a few days to recover.

I see Windy quite often while feeding Nora and Frosty. He never comes for the food…he just wants to bully the poor Frosty. The last time I saw him, I mistook him for his look-alike Rusty and now I know why…Rusty has a cataract in one eye.

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Windy aka Orangey sterilised

Poor Windy, so scared and refuses to eat. Going to release him now

He was very suspicious but R managed to stroke him and then get a good grip at the nape and drop him into the carrier.

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