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Crazy Catless


True story: In Chicago, a single middle-aged woman who adopted something like 20 cats from the ASPCA — thereby qualifying for the title of ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ from her neighbors — was threatened by the city for having so many cats in her house. They claimed it was an ‘unhealthy and unsanitary environment,’ even though she kept excellent care of her pets. To stave off more visits from the local — ahem — fuzz, she simply filed the papers to become a non-profit no-kill animal shelter. Today she has many more cats and, sadly, not many adoptors, but at least she’s not being pestered by the law, and even her neighbors don’t think she’s so crazy anymore.

Kids Today



Woodstock Sanctuary

The Clover Files


Fern the Kid


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May it be…

May all suffering end


May It Be

May it be an evening star
Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls
Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh, how far you are from home

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you now

May it be shadows call
Will fly away
May it be your journey on
To light the day
When the night is overcome
You may rise to find the sun

Mornie utúlië (darkness has come)
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantië (darkness has fallen)
A promise lives within you now

A promise lives within you now

~ by Enya

Damy was relocated by a resident this morning…

The cleaner saw the man taking Damy, who struggled, and driving off… he informed M. The man later admitted and helped us with the search… but denied taking Noisy Joe from the same location. Noisy Joe is blind on one eye and M is very worried.

We could not find Damy…

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We are living in exceptional times.

Scientists tell us that we have 10 years to change the way we live, avert the depletion of natural resources and the catastrophic evolution of the Earth’s climate.

The stakes are high for us and our children. Everyone should take part in the effort, and HOME has been conceived to take a message of mobilization out to every human being.

For this purpose, HOME needs to be free. A patron, the PPR Group, made this possible. EuropaCorp, the distributor, also pledged not to make any profit because Home is a non-profit film.

HOME has been made for you : share it! And act for the planet.


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Meet Charlie the ‘Spider-cat’

Meet Charlie the ‘Spider-cat’


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Hunger in the world

Chicken a la Carte

This film is about the hunger and poverty brought about by Globalization. There are 10,000 people dying everyday due to hunger and malnutrition. This short film shows a forgotten portion of the society. The people who live on the refuse of men to survive. What is inspiring is the hope and spirituality that never left this people.


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Where Science and Buddhism Meet

Mind and Reality

All that we are is the result of what we have thought.

The mind is everything.

~ Buddha

All matter originates and exists only

By virtue of a force…

We must assume behind this force

The existence of a conscious and

Intelligent Mind. This Mind

Is the matrix of all matter

~ Max Planck

Founder of Quantum Physics

Where Science and Buddhism Meet:

Emptiness, Oneness,

And the Nature of Reality


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The Pearls wish for good homes

New video of Light Pearl and Black Pearl


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For the People. For the Planet. For the Animals


We are all interconnected

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Here in Singapore, the labeling of GMO food/ingredients is not required, so it will be very difficult to trace any allergy or other health problems back to the GMO food consumed.

Don’t we have a right to know what we are eating? Watch the video! The most frightening scenario is that of the suicide gene spreading…

Have you ever bought perfectly fresh looking fruits, like apple and pears that were all rotten inside? That’s because irradiated food starts rotting from the core. Again, no labeling is required for irradiated foods…

The only way to avoid genetically modified or irradiated food is to buy organic or look for labels that say non-gmo. I have not seen any labels that say non-irradiated…

The future of food:


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Vegan Video by Bizarro


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The Power of Attitude Movie

From the Blessings Experiment:


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Do animals and humans differ much?

Do animals and humans differ much?


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