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Vesak Day

Liberate animals


caring for our strays


keeping animals off our dining table

Mettacats will be participating at Vesak celebration at Poh Ern Shih Temple and Singapore Buddhist Mission

Mettacats is a volunteer group that aims to provide care for sick and abused animals. The word “Metta” means loving kindness and the name embodies the special bond that is shared between humans and animals


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Vegan Buddhist nuns have same bone density as non-vegetarians

Vegan Buddhist nuns have same bone density as non-vegetarians?

A study comparing the bone health of 105 post-menopausal vegan
Buddhist nuns and 105 non-vegetarian women, matched in every other
physical respect, has produced a surprising result. Their bone density
was identical.

The study was led by Professor Tuan Nguyen from Sydney’s Garvan
Institute of Medical Research. He collaborated with Dr Ho-Pham Thuc
Lan from the Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University in Ho Chi Minh City,
Vietnam. Their findings are now published online in Osteoporosis

“For the 5% of people in Western countries who choose to be
vegetarians, this is very good news,? said Professor Nguyen. “Even
vegans, who eat only plant-based foods, appear to have bones as
healthy as everyone else.?

“Bone health in vegetarians, particularly vegans, has been a concern
for some time, because as a group they tend to have a lower protein
and calcium intake than the population at large.?

“In this work we showed that although the vegans studied do indeed have

lower protein and calcium intakes, their bone density is virtually identical to

that of people who eat a wide variety of foods, including animal protein.?

Full story here :


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Animal Crusaders

Animal crusaders

Two women MPs in the Netherlands are giving animals a voice in Parliament.


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German Government encourages less meat consumption

German Government encourages less meat consumption to reduce global warming

A January article has reported that Government Agencies in Germany are asking their citizens to cut down meat consumption to cut down green house gases 🙂

http://www.guardian .co.uk/world/ 2009/jan/ 23/german- diet-meat- environment

Extracts of the report is as such:

Germany’s federal environment agency has issued a strong advisory for people to return to prewar norms of eating meat only on special occasions and otherwise to model their diet on that of Mediterranean countries.

Germans are among the highest meat consumers in Europe, obtaining around 39% of their total calorie intake from meat and meat products, compared with 25% in Italy.

“We must rethink our high meat consumption,” said Andreas Troge, president of the UBA, the government’s advisory body on environmental issues.

“I recommend people return to the Sunday roast and to an orientation of their eating habits around those of Mediterranean countries.”

Speaking on the sidelines of Berlin’s Grüne Woche (Green Week), one of the world’s largest agricultural exhibitions, he said agriculture was responsible for around 15% of Germany’s greenhouse gas emissions and meat production was the most energy-intensive form of farming. With that in mind, he suggested that reducing meat consumption was a logical step forward.

Troge cautioned that not only is meat production energy intensive, the methane gas emitted by cattle and the nitrous oxide produced by their dung, which farmers often leave in the fields from where it enters the atmosphere, also harms the environment.

Findings by the World Wildlife Fund also supports the claim that meat production is environmentally damaging. In its recent Living Planet report it said that a single kilogramme of beef requires 16,000 litres of water, taking into account a three-ye
ar lifespan for a cow, the grain it eats in its lifetime, and the water it drinks. “

Be Veg, Go Green, Save the Planet

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What do vegans eat?

I chew grass!….wheat grass 🙂

…and the cats also like it. They go crazy when I bring out the wheat grass, gathering around me eagerly waiting to be fed…blade by blade…

Of course, I eat lots of other stuff, too.

Here are some good ideas for aspiring vegans:

You don’t even have to eat grass 😉

“Plant Based Nutrition?

Now Available Online At No Cost


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Go Vegan for Peace


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glut and brutality

from Animal Family’s blog:



my heart sinks when i see my feline brothers and sisters caged like this to be bought, sold, weighed and finally eaten. then i remember our friends in poultry, cattle and other farms who suffer the same fate and i am not sure i have the right to complain.

but i say this for all of us who are lesser than the mighty men. i can understand if a starving person had to catch us to fill his family’s stomach. i can even understand if someone had no other livelihood but to farm us. because they are careful with what they have and they are grateful for what they are given.

for the rest of you, why are you so hungry? so hungry you have exchanged your natural abhorrence to glut and brutality that is shark’s fin soup, foie gras, veal, fur coats and on and on, and for what? for that bloated esteem of living what is a good life. that is what it is. i hope you are happy.

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