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Update on Caramel and Twinkle & Sparkle

Penny and myself visited them on Sunday. We brought two carriers along just in case…

Both adopters stay in Jurong and within walking distance from each other.

Caramel aka Survivor is happy in her new home and the family seems to love her a lot. She is quite active while the other kitten is more quiet but both can get along. Caramel has grown and looks beautiful with collar and bell.

Twinkle & Sparkle are also well. They also get along with the other cat but mostly play with each other… really hyper, especially the boy! Trimmed their needle-sharp claws while we were there.

We were satisfied that all were in good hands and also getting good quality food.

Others are not so lucky…we saw 4 young cats at that block, 2nd floor corridor, thin and hungry and not sterilised….we just gave some food.

Two blocks away we saw a cat sitting outside the kitchen window of a 2nd floor maisonette and then we saw another one doing some climbing at the ledge of the balcony. It looked like she could fall any moment. We went up, the gate was wire-meshed and there were several cats and kittens inside. They told us the cats were sterilised… but we doubt it. There was poo on the common corridor near their gate. They were not concerned about the cats falling from window/ balcony …”oh they always climb”… sigh!

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Twinkle & Sparkle went to their new home

They went to a nice family with an existing young cat. We both had a good feeling about the adopter and their sincerity and experience, so the contract was signed and the two kittens went to their new home.

There is a one week trial period and we will also pay a visit in perhaps one week time.

I think I have to guide Penny on how to handle adoption. The first time she forgot to let them sign the contract and didn’t even get the address. That’s when I became worried and wanted her to arrange for a visit… but at least we were able to take them back.

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Twinkle & Sparkle returned

It seems the adopter did not want to allow the fosterer a visit and told her that she could take the kittens back. The foster went immediately to collect them.

The kittens were not upset by the short-lasting adoption.

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Sparkle & Twinkle

These adorable kittens are about 2 months old. Twinkle (with orange patches) is a girl and Sparkle is a boy.

They are available for adoption. Please email me at veganmeowies@yahoo.com if you are willing to give them a permanent home and good care.

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Twinkle & Sparkle rescued

Took the two little kittens in yesterday, as a fosterer was found. They are about 2 months old, beautiful and very trusting towards humans. What a relief…

I named them Twinkle and Sparkle. Twinkle is a girl (white with orange patches) and Sparkle a boy (white with dark patches). I think they are beautiful and very adoptable! I plan to sterilise the mother after CNY. Hope she will become a bit more friendly by then, so I won’t have to use the trap.

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Mother and 2 kittens abandoned

Saw them first 6 days ago at Blk *04 Area 2. Tame and trusting, clean looking…discarded during spring cleaning? The mother is a young, friendly white-and-tabby. The 2 kittens are beautiful with long straight tails and mostly white, one with ginger patches and the other one with some grey patches. They look less than 2 months old. They hide in the drain and the nearby construction site. Hope they will be save!

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