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Update on Caramel and Twinkle & Sparkle

Penny and myself visited them on Sunday. We brought two carriers along just in case…

Both adopters stay in Jurong and within walking distance from each other.

Caramel aka Survivor is happy in her new home and the family seems to love her a lot. She is quite active while the other kitten is more quiet but both can get along. Caramel has grown and looks beautiful with collar and bell.

Twinkle & Sparkle are also well. They also get along with the other cat but mostly play with each other… really hyper, especially the boy! Trimmed their needle-sharp claws while we were there.

We were satisfied that all were in good hands and also getting good quality food.

Others are not so lucky…we saw 4 young cats at that block, 2nd floor corridor, thin and hungry and not sterilised….we just gave some food.

Two blocks away we saw a cat sitting outside the kitchen window of a 2nd floor maisonette and then we saw another one doing some climbing at the ledge of the balcony. It looked like she could fall any moment. We went up, the gate was wire-meshed and there were several cats and kittens inside. They told us the cats were sterilised… but we doubt it. There was poo on the common corridor near their gate. They were not concerned about the cats falling from window/ balcony …”oh they always climb”… sigh!

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Survivor aka Caramel has been adopted

A family came to view Caramel yesterday and they liked her. They have another young female cat who has just been sterilised, so Caramel will have company. They actually wanted to take her straight away but then agreed to put up the wiremeshing first. Better to be safe…

I am so happy for our little SurViVor going to a good home!

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Survivor moved to new foster home

We had a meeting of caregivers yesterday at the home of Survivor’s fosterer. About 12 caregivers from different parts of Singapore turned up to pool ideas on how we can better help our community cats and to stop abandonment. There were moist eyes and tears as caregivers shared their stories…

I was talking to the fosterer of Survivor and the 4 kittens about putting them up at the CWS Adoption Bulletin Board. She was reluctant and finally informed me that she has decided to keep the 4 kittens. She had mentioned earlier that she was also thinking of keeping Survivor, whom she renamed Caramel. Meanwhile she had rescued another tiny kitten that some neighbour had obviously placed on the corridor for her to pick up…sigh! I worry for her… how long can she keep on taking in kittens and cats… and then getting too attached to adopt them out. I also find that it’s not realistic to expect potential adopters to take any kitten that she chooses for them. Adopters who request for a specific colour or a long tail would be rejected. Of course such adopters would be ideal but it doesn’t mean that someone who asks for a certain colour will not love and care well for his cat.

Forgot to take a pic of the one-eye cat from the bin center. There is quite a large opaque patch on the remaining eye and it’s still a bit watery… I am glad that he does not need to go back to the bin center. This caregiver has a really big heart…

I took Survivor aka Caramel back for a viewing yesterday but she didn’t get adopted and is now under Penny’s care. Survivor had become close to the 4 kittens but I hope she will also make friends with the 3-legged Amber…

I am a little sad because I know that by choosing not to return her she may end up as a community cat if not adopted, but I just have to do what i think is right…considering the whole picture.

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News about Survivor’s mother and 2 siblings

Had a long talk with another caregiver and suddenly she mentioned a mother cat and 4 kittens in a mud hole at *17. Turns out that she had come to know about it and went to take the mother and later also 2 of the kittens. Meanwhile all three have been adopted. She couldn’t manage to get the last 2 kittens and after hearing that someone is feeding them she gave up and left them there. One was killed (probably hit by a car) and the other is our SurViVor.

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SurViVor & the other 4 kittens

Photos courtesy of Penny

SurViVor and the other 4 kittens are all looking for good homes.


Serious adopters who are able to offer a loving and permanent home to any of these kittens can contact me at veganmeowies@yahoo.com

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The Little Kitten…

… now called SurViVor

The lone survivor…lost in the drain during a failed rescue attempt then miraculously it returned to the mud-hole when all hope was gone.

I felt very happy when a caregiver I met today offered to foster it. R managed to catch the shy kitten.

A couple came over earlier to look at Timmy…but then they prefer to get a smaller kitten. Hopefully they will adopt either this one or one of the others that this caregiver rescued today. The couple’s older cat had recently passed away. Their windows are already wire-meshed!

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Mother and kittens gone…

M found an abandoned mother cat with 4 young kittens some time ago. She and other people kept feeding them. Yesterday M told me that 3 kittens had died and the mother is also presumed dead. She then took the lone remaining kitten intending to bring it home but it escaped halfway and went into the drain. We tried to trap it but the kitten was too scared and ran to the deeper end of the drain. We had to give up and just left some food behind.

No sign of the kitten today…

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