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May all find shelter and warmth…

Little Grey, Billy Boy, Sylvester and Lucky were missing yesterday…but I have the feeling that they are somewhere safe and sheltered from the rain.
All the others were there at feeding time…the old ones and the kittens managed to stay dry (Sandy and her 2 kittens all snuggled up in a corner of the void deck behind a bicycle)
…except for Sophia who was soaked. She always hides in the bushes. Sylvia had tried to bring her to a sheltered area but she would run back into the bushes again. Maybe the stall-holders have chased her away and this is the only place she feels safe. Poor Sofia, I just couldn’t leave her there…she was shivering when I toweled her dry. I put her in the bathroom together with Max…hoping that she will be spared from the flu. I have 12 cats in the house right now…5 of them recovering from flu.
Stitches’ eczema is getting worse, so I stopped using the cleaning solution and cream and try cleaning with salt water and applying neem oil instead.
Big Head and Genie look well enough to be released…just waiting for the rain to relent…

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Update on Fury, Old Ginger, Panther and Sophia

Fury had to be released after 2 days. She is one of those very stubborn cats who refuse to eat in captivity. She went straight into the condo compound hiding under a car. I left a paper bowl of food where she could see it. Fury has been back for every feeding since…eating large portions…so I guess she is fine.

There is this Old Ginger at *21 Area 1. He is quite thin and always needs some coaxing before eating his food. I started to give him Fancy Feast as he seems to like it better…but lately he hardly eats anything…started giving him Nutri-plus gel.

I have not seen the big cross-eyed Panther (blk *21) for several days. Hope he is safe…Panther is very afraid of this new big Siamese male cat that appeared recently. This cat must belong to someone because he looks well fed and is never interested in food… only in terrorizing the other cats.

Sophia (the old black Persian cross at *48 Area 3) is doing well. She looks stronger and seems she has put on a little weight. We (the Aunty, Sylvia and me) pamper her a lot, giving her special treats and sitting with her coaxing her to eat more…someone else is also feeding her in the morning.

Photos: Sophia and old photos of cross-eyed Panther and Old Ginger

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Update on Manja, Stitches and Sophia

Manja’s wound looks much better now. Hope that Az and Sylvia can find the attacker and will manage to chase him away before Manja is released back. They have seen a new cat there…

Stitches is terrified of the grey -and-white male at *14 area 3 and will stay away from that place. Nowadays I find him at blk *11/*10. He must have been in another fight as his cheek wound was bleeding again.

Sophia is becoming less shy and has started walking around in the open space. Sylvia and myself always give her a treat of a can of Fancy Feast, which she likes very much. Hope she will put on some weight soon…

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Stitches & Sophia

Will release Stitches and Sophia tonight.

I release Sophia with a heavy heart. She is old and frail, just wanting a safe place to rest…

Photos: Stitches and Little Grey, Sophia hiding behind the bushes

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