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New photos of Sammy

…from Sammy’s adopter

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Bobby has been sterilised today

Bobby (sibling of Spicy and Spot) is still at the clinic.

Sunshine was adopted into a 4-cat home yesterday. The adopter brought one of her cats along and they seemed comfortable with each other.

Rocky spent last night on the balcony…he seemed to be less noisy. The wound looks better today after applying “Burmese powder?. Misty is not afraid of him at all. Hope they can become friends if Misty doesn’t get adopted….

Update from Sammy’s adopter. He was let out into the garden for the first time today but managed to squeeze out through the plastic-meshed gate a few times.

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Sammy for Adoption

Sammy aka Tak Tak Dei is a very handsome Siamese cross. Quiet and easy-going…a perfect lap cat. He is about one year old and has been sterilised.

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Sammy sterilised

Had a difficult choice to make as both of them had diarrhoea. Sammy is eating well, is no longer dehydrated and his last stool was semi-solid…but he is awfully skinny. I did not receive any call from the clinic so I guess the vet decided to go ahead with the sterilisation.

Road Runner is a difficult one…so far no more diarrhoea but he is hardly eating anything and is VERY noisy…much worse than Sammy the Siamese, and every morning I find him on a big heap of shredded newspaper toppled sand tray, food and water bowl…

Now he gets just a tray with some cloth for sleeping and I tried to attach the water bowl to the cage with a cloth peck. His turn will be either on Tuesday or Thursday next week, depending on whether Juliana manages to catch the cat at her block.

Juliana will try to catch the last unsteriized female at her block and bring her to the vet and then to my place to recuperate…I think it’s because of all the support from people for Xiao Hei that she has now started to help the community cats. She had earlier brought an older and sickly cat to the vet and medicated her after release, with the help of Haslina.

This shows how all our actions influence others…

If we show kindness and compassion, we are watering the seeds of these qualities in other people.

If we show anger and irritation (no matter how justified), we water seeds of anger in others and in ourselves…

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Oscar and Sammy to be sterilized

Slightly blur photos of Oscar and Sammy.

Oscar (aka Long-Tail) is a big and handsome ginger-white cat. He has a friendly disposition and would be suitable for adoption…but I will have to get a new camera first.

Oscar recently appeared at area 3 and had been limping for a few days because of an infected wound, but he has now fully recovered. Going to pick him up from the vet soon..

I managed to catch another cat yesterday, also a newcomer. Sammy is a Siamese mix. I saw him a few times at different blocks in area 1 during the past weeks. He is very skinny, so frightened and always ravenous…

Saw him at my block when I returned after releasing Lora. When I realized that he seemed less frightened and let me come close, I quickly scooped him up and placed him in the carrier.

He has diarrhoea, so I gave him charcoal and feed him dry food only. Hope he will be well enough for Friday’s slot.

Apologies for the ahm… quality of my photos lately.

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