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Ah Girl knew better than us…

Exit impossible

Road Runner went onto the roof again yesterday night. I saw him enter the roof through this gap.

This morning LK saw him trying to get back through the narrow gap… he couldn’t! In the end she managed to pull him through. The problem is that the gap is now about 50cm above the ledge so I guess the body shape is different when jumping up! When the roof was there the cats could simply walk through the gap as it was level with the roof. Maybe Ah Girl had also tried and got stuck…

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6th day on the roof…

Lift upgrading… a part of the roof has been cut and Ah Girl is now trapped on the roof.

Finally she went to the edge where I had placed some food and water.

The cats used to enter the roof through this narrow gap on the second floor…

Ah Girl could still reach the ledge by walking over the metal part or jumping… but I guess she is too scared. Placed some food there to tempt her.

Road Runner managed to get off the roof on the 3rd day.

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Cat trapped on the roof

Two cats were trapped on the roof which goes around the building at first floor level when part of the roof was cut (probably for lift upgrading). The cats used to enter the roof via first floor staircase and gap in the wall. Now this part of the roof has been demolished!

The young male cat was able to jump down on the third day… but I think the female won’t dare to jump. I managed to place some food and water on the edge of the roof but she was too scared to come close to the edge. The man from SPCA had a ladder and went up onto the roof but failed to catch her. He advised to place food near the gap on the first floor. She could actually walk over a narrow piece of metal to reach the gap… but she is just too scared!

Was discussing with Sylvia about informing TC and have the workers place a plank over the gap in the roof… but somehow we have no confidence in TC and especially that particular property officer.

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Road Runner and Steel

Juliana and Haslina did not manage to catch the female cat…she escaped and scratched Has before she could place her into the carrier. So I brought Road Runner to the vet today, Steel’s turn will be tomorrow. I guess he should be well enough, the wound at his toe seems not to be infected. Will be looking out for Muddy tonight. He is a big-head, a fighter…Beany, Lizzy and even Shredder will move away when he turns up at feeding time.

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Sammy sterilised

Had a difficult choice to make as both of them had diarrhoea. Sammy is eating well, is no longer dehydrated and his last stool was semi-solid…but he is awfully skinny. I did not receive any call from the clinic so I guess the vet decided to go ahead with the sterilisation.

Road Runner is a difficult one…so far no more diarrhoea but he is hardly eating anything and is VERY noisy…much worse than Sammy the Siamese, and every morning I find him on a big heap of shredded newspaper toppled sand tray, food and water bowl…

Now he gets just a tray with some cloth for sleeping and I tried to attach the water bowl to the cage with a cloth peck. His turn will be either on Tuesday or Thursday next week, depending on whether Juliana manages to catch the cat at her block.

Juliana will try to catch the last unsteriized female at her block and bring her to the vet and then to my place to recuperate…I think it’s because of all the support from people for Xiao Hei that she has now started to help the community cats. She had earlier brought an older and sickly cat to the vet and medicated her after release, with the help of Haslina.

This shows how all our actions influence others…

If we show kindness and compassion, we are watering the seeds of these qualities in other people.

If we show anger and irritation (no matter how justified), we water seeds of anger in others and in ourselves…

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Road Runner

Road Runner is another ginger-and-white boy. He had a big slash at the side of his body when he first appeared, and part of his fur had been shaved off…looks like abuse to me. A lady told me that she heard him scream loudly at the nearby coffee shop (the same place where Orange Boy was abused) but she didn’t see what happened.

He was very jumpy and could not be touched at that time…but I managed to sprinkle some antibiotic powder when he was eating…the wound has now healed.

Call him Road Runner because saw him sprint across the road once and one day the Auntie saw him at the MRT station, which is quite some distance away and across another busy main road. I searched for him several times but couldn’t find him.

He came back today and I brought him home for Friday’s slot in case Sammy is still not well….

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