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No questions asked…

Just found out today that SPCA accepts cats from pest control without questions asked! This makes it very difficult to identify and claim such cats …especially if it’s very common colour…

Rainy has been missing for about 4 days now and I also have not seen Windy around for the past 3 days. Called YJC today since they don’t reply to my emails. The good news is that they do not engage the pest control to remove cats; in fact the maintenance officer said that they have their own 4 ‘wild’ cats, which they have sent for sterilization. He mentioned that many other cats come looking for food and those will be chased away after they had their meal.

Black Boy is back from the vet and eating his second helping of wet food 🙂

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The mysterious disappearance of cats in area 2

My suspicion that that residents have been calling in the pest control to remove cats has been confirmed. Many sterilized cats have disappeared in the area between block *02 and *24. Both TC and RC said that they did not remove them and none of the cats showed up at AVA.

A resident of that area, a Indian man named John, told me yesterday that there is a group of ‘cat-haters’ who take things into their own hands…but he claimed not to know their names and where they stay just pointing to a few blocks. I have a feeling he knows them…or maybe he is one of them.

I feel like giving up on this area…but what about all the sterilised cats… Darly, Shredder, One Eye Ginger, Lizzy, Beany, Little Grey, Ginger-White Boy, Lora, Sore Throat, Jade, Jake, Stitches, Lady Jane, Steel and Doppelganger? Then there is Pearl and her kittens, Muddy and the new ginger-white male…

The sterilised cats that have disappeared are:

Shadow blk *02

Patchy blk *11

Louis blk *07

Grey Long-Tail Tabby blk *12

Pearl’s son blk *18

Pearl’s daughter blk *18

Max blk *24

Felix blk *07

Light Ginger blk *14

Shredder’s son Howie blk *03

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Is the school trapping?

The Resident from blk *28 area 1 mentioned that Baby and ‘her cats? would go under the fence and into the compound of the School, which is just next to this block.

This news had me worried…I have been wondering for some time why several sterilized cats from this block have disappeared over the past 2 years…could the school have something to do with this? Some weeks back I had written an email to the principal explaining about the TNRM programme and the missing community cats who may have entered the school grounds which is right next to blk *28. I emailed again about two weeks later …did not receive any reply to my enquiry as to whether they trap the cats!

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