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A quick update

Pixy, Trixy and Maxy have been adopted. Their mother (named her Black-Tail) has finally turned up and was napped for sterilisation.

Black-Tail tipped

Novena mother-cat is pregnant again… will have to trap her as soon as I can.

New orange kitten ( about 5 months old) with collar and bell sighted at area 1…very frightened and skinny.

The new young orange-white female *30 area 1 (Rose) has been sterilised.

Rose sporting a tipped-ear

Ocean has been to the vet and was sterilised at the same time. His limping seems slightly improved he had a jab and is on antibiotics for 2 weeks.

Took in Jake yesterday. He has wounds all over his face and neck…they seem to dry up. Could it be a dog attack?

House full… and me exhausted…

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Five Little Kittens

Orange Girl & Tabby Boy

Very loving

curious boy Maxy

adorable Pixy

litter-box trained Trixy

Two pretty girls Trixy & Pixy

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5 kittens rescued

…and just in time! Penny found another small kitten a few days ago but the rest have been adopted so she gave me the go-ahead to bring in the 5 kittens.

Didn’t see the two from the coffee shop the day before… only their mother was around. Then yesterday night finally found them curled up at the kerb of the car park… very pittyful! The orange-white one looks a bit dull and poor appetite….probably getting sick. Brought them to Penny and then went back for the 3 black-and -white kittens at the construction site.

Will wait a week or two for the milk to dry up and then get the two mothers sterilised.

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Abandonees, kittens, sick cats…

Spotted a new female tabby in area 1 and Sylvia found a terrified ginger-white cat at area 3. Just like Fern…refusing food and water. Will go down later and try to syringe-feed.

Also found another mother cat with 2 kittens at a coffee shop next to the construction site where the other cat family with the white-and-black kittens lives.

The 2 kittens are also about 3 month old, one ginger-white and one tabby. Will be feeding them every day and hope that Penny can foster them if some of her kittens get adopted.

The new skinny boy at area one, named him Twirly, vomits sometimes. He is now at the same block every day, so I will start him on antibiotics tonight. Yesterday he ate quite a bit… but if there is more vomiting or refusal to eat then he also will have to go to the vet.

There is another sick cat at area 2… a black-and-white coffee-shop cat. She has become very thin and has poor appetite. I went down last night because the Auntie told me that she won’t eat.The cat didn’t touch the dry food which she usually likes but she ate half a can of kitten food. Gave some cans to the Auntie…

While feeding Twirly, I saw a middle-aged Chinese lady letting her dog run on the void deck and following him with a sheet of paper. She picked up the poo but left a big puddle of pee in the middle of the void deck…I cleaned up some of it with newspaper. At the next block there is dog poo in the middle of the walkway. Will the cats get blamed for this?

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