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The one that was never found

The reunion of Lau-Hei and his caregiver E brings back memories of Floppy (deformed left ear). Floppy was lost in August last year. We went as a group to speak to TC.

E was crying and pleaded that she would take Floppy in if found. TC denied that they removed Floppy or that they had received any complaints. However, a cleaner said that a TC officer told him there was a complaint about Floppy a week before she disappeared. He believes that Floppy was removed.

The Pest Control company employed by this TC is Stallion Habitat.


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Missing on the 6th of May, Lau-Hei was found 30km away!

Lau Hei was relocated from the North to the East!

This is a very friendly old cat of at least 12 years. His only disadvantage is that he is BLACK!

The lady who looks after him all these years suspected that a resident complaint to the town council simply because he is black. There is no reason to find fault with this cat who is clean, do not make noise, do not scratch or bite anyone, do not breed, do not sleep on cars, do not need rumage dustbins for food, BUT he is simply BLACK!

Is the complainant some big shot that the town council officer decided not to inform the caregiver of the complaint as it would definitely be deemed unreasonable but activated the pest controller to relocate the cat so that there is NO record. After all, pest controllers are contracted to work for the town council and they will want to be on good terms with the officers to ensure that their contract is renewed. So it is highly likely that such pest controllers will be in cahoot with such unscrupulous town council officers!

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