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No more fights under the bed!

My son made a wooden square to fit under the bed… one less worry now! Nushi would also hide under the bed whenever I wanted to syringe-feed her… before even starting to prepare the food! I have no other explanation other than that she must be able to read my thoughts!

This and the new gates make life a little easier… now I wonder how I ever manged without the two gates!

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Home or cattery?

Looks more like a cattery than a home but what to do when there are so many…

The two gates will make for happier cats, actually giving them more freedom… from fights and from being bullied. With my last two additions “Darly & Beany” part-time caging had become necessary as they are both fighters.

The original idea was to just have some simple wooden screen doors with mesh… but contractors told me that the cost would be the same as it would involve more work. I had already given up on the whole idea when I had a big surprise… someone offered to sponsor $500. With that I dared to go ahead ($1.200 for two gates). Thank you for making our dream come true! No more caging for Beany & Darly!

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Poo and flush?

Clever cats, good attempt… but using the shower to flush down poo in a bathtub does not work!

Of course I did not right away appreciate this clever attempt as I stepped into the bathroom this morning.

A surreal sight greeted me:

Bathtub at the brink of overflowing, various plastic bottles and pieces of what looked like mud floating in the water… shower-head and hose submerged…

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More cats sick

Oki has high fever…and eye discharge, coughing. Nushi also has fever and cough and is drooling. She looks very sick! Luckily I found two capsules of doxy in the fridge and could get them both started on antibiotics yesterday. Sponged to bring the fever down. Both need to be syringe-fed. A few of the others are also not well. Tommy has urinary infection…started giving Tommy, Ash, Rocky, Dawn and Snoopy acidifier.

Still busy with cat-sitting tomorrow…. very stressed!

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Something is very wrong with the cats!

Ashley is the worst…. throwing up any syringed liquid or food and also dehydrated, I think. Growling!

There was some vomiting during the past few days… but didn’t know who and everybody was still eating.

Sasha and Damy have not been eating today and both vomited.Sasha meowed loudly when I placed the food in front of her and didn’t even sniff the food. Damy feels a bit warm.

Will bring Ashley to Whitley Road Hospital tomorrow…

Anyone has any idea what could be wrong with them? I thought Ashley might have a blockage but now with the other two having symptoms this seems unlikely.

All 3 cats are now caged for observation.

I feel very panicky and can’t think straight! Could it be the food? But all the cats have been eating the same things…

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My computer under attack

… from malware, trojan…. and cats!

Not sure what to do about the viruses…. I updated the Antivirus but still will have to get someone to do repair.

But at least the cat-protection is up! The Avoderm box fits just nicely over the computer screen. Someone had actually sprayed on the adapter and it blew up…sigh! The screen had also been sprayed on!

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Home cat going for a walk

Saw this cat while looking for Kiki. He was wearing a shiny new collar with bell. Just recently 3 cats with collars had been abandoned at this same place…

It turned out that this one was just out for a “half hour walk”.

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Cat on the roof

A young tabby with long straight tail and wearing a coller with 2 bells at Blk*22 area 1.

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